AmberFin launches ‘New Media Factory’ approach with iCR Version 5.0

AmberFin iCR software adds JPEG 2000, closed captioning, MXF AS02 and AVID Interplay support

BURBANK, Calif. – 11th, September, 2009 – AmberFin today announced the launch of AmberFin iCR Version 5.0, incorporating a number of enhancements designed to meet the rapidly changing needs of content producers and broadcasters.

The latest version of the award-winning iCR software introduces workflows with the JPEG 2000 codec, which is rapidly becoming the format of choice for high quality mastering worldwide. It also enables the application of closed captioning for US and European broadcast delivery requirements during the transcoding process. To further streamline the transcoding process, version 5.0 also adds MXF AS02 support and Avid Interplay.

The launch of iCR 5.0 is designed to recognise the challenges faced by content providers who are required to re-master vast libraries of SD and HD digital videotape alongside the transcoding of new content. The ‘New Media Factory’ approach allows the creation of high quality masters and a wide range of delivery formats from any source material. It combines ingest, transcoding, captioning, quality control, audio track management and anti-piracy watermarking, offering a ‘joined up’ process that can significantly cut both costs and time requirements.

“As pressures increase on content producers and broadcasters to generate large amounts of high quality content, AmberFin is committed to providing a solution that offers both cost and time savings,” said Jeremy Deaner, CEO of AmberFin. “iCR Version 5.0 is designed to offer a ’New Media Factory’ approach that focuses on operational simplicity, both to minimize manpower overheads and also to ensure correct results are produced on time and on budget.”

iCR Version 5.0 introduces four new enhancements:

JPEG 2000

New for the broadcast industry, JPEG 2000 is the optimum choice as an intermediate mastering format for high quality content such as movies. JPEG2000 offers superior image quality with full 10 bit dynamic range. Having undergone rigorous quality checks, iCR version 5.0 offers high quality transcoding to both10 bit and dithered 8 bit file based deliverables.

Closed Captioning

iCR v5.0 has an efficient way of handling closed captions. Any closed captions on the original tape can be extracted and stored as SCC files, for later use on deliverables if needed. This may include conversion of captions into subtitles from SD to HD or vice versa. Support for film and TV frame rates as well as VBI / VANC support, ATSC and playout server support as well as the ability to insert .scc files into a workflow turns iCR into a simple to use, captioning and transcoding engine.


Highly efficient new MXF application specification, designed for streamlined ‘New Media Factory’ operations, reduces cost and increases efficiency. Fully compliant with the SMPTE377M – 2004 MXF standard and already in use for thousands of hours of on-air broadcasting.

Avid Interplay

Version 5.0 further aids those working in an AVID editing environment, including Avid Media Composer and Avid Unity. Further streamlining the process, AmberFin’s Avid integration offers instant interoperability in delivery preparation, freeing up edit suites to deliver value for editing workflows.

In addition to these enhancements version 5.0 reduces the opportunity for user error and ensures content consistency, AmberFin’s ‘New Media Factory’ approach includes use of pre-built simplified iCR templates which automatically call up the correct encode, text, audio, logo, watermarking and closed caption settings for a project. The use of templates eliminates possible operator errors when setting up profiles, minimizing the possibility of expensive operator mistakes.

About AmberFin

AmberFin enables content owners to maximize the value of their TV, film and video content, from capture through to distribution, while increasing revenues, reducing costs, saving time and eliminating incompatibility issues. AmberFin iCR, with award winning technology, plays a key role in turning the content that owners have into the content their customers want. As an open standard, future proof platform that digitizes and transforms new and archived content, AmberFin iCR delivers the best quality pictures at smaller file sizes across multiple delivery platforms, including the Internet, VoD, TV, mobile and other small screen devices. AmberFin already has 100s of iCR systems in the field, and is trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious companies including Sony, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, BT, Channel 4, RTM and Warner Brothers, managing the digitization and repurposing of their content.

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