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September 10, 2008—IntraCom Systems, LLC, the Los Angeles based developer of VCOM, the leading software IP Matrix Intercom System, announced today the availability of its VCOM Touchpanel™, a 3RU, 19” rackmount intercom panel with high resolution touch screen selector activation. The all new VCOM Touchpanel brings unprecedented power, ease of deployment, and affordability to multi-channel intercom and works interchangeably with VCOM Control Panels on PCs, Tablet PCs, and Handhelds.

The VCOM Touchpanel’s intuitive 7” touch screen GUI supports a virtually unlimited number of channels configurable for Point-to-Points, Group Calls, Party Lines, and Program Audio Listens. Moreover, you can dynamically configure and monitor the entire VCOM Matrix System from any VCOM Touchpanel on the network. The unit supports a gooseneck microphone and has dual integrated speakers. It can also be used with a USB headset (XLR connector optional) or wirelessly with Bluetooth.

The VCOM Touchpanel has a rich feature set optimized for broadcast, defense, industrial, security, and commercial applications. Key features include high resolution touch screen selector activation, individual channel volume controls, ability to use in momentary or alternate action mode, acoustic echo cancellation, and telephone line interface with dial pad and incoming caller ID. Additionally, the VCOM Touchpanel can be deployed anywhere with any internet connection over a wired or wireless network in minutes.

The VCOM Touchpanel was designed using a Tablet PC core, which can readily be removed and used as a stand alone desktop intercom station. This modularity combined with the ability of the Tablet PC core to work over WiFi affords ultimate flexibility, ideal for applications such as Theater where it’s desirable to have comms in the main hall during rehearsals that can be easily moved around.

About VCOM:

VCOM™ is a highly interoperable, IP software Intercom that leverages advanced algorithms and software engineering for on the edge streaming and ultra wide band communications. The System is engineered to support highly dynamic, fast, and complex communications requirements and consists of our 1) server-side Virtual Matrix summing/mixing engine; 2) client-side control panels for multi-channel/multi-access professional communications; 3) device interfacing software to easily bridge disparate communication systems including hardware intercoms, two-way radios, and public/private telephone networks; and our 4) intuitive System Administration application which enables dynamic configuration and monitoring of the System from any workstation on the network.

VCOM Control Panels provide point-and-click control for establishing talk and/or listen voice paths. Multiple group and individual voice paths can be established simultaneously and multiple conferences can be accommodated in any complexity. Subscribers may talk and/or listen in a single conference or multiple conferences, in any combination and in any sequence.

VCOM runs on standard computer and network hardware and is based on a dedicated server, multiple client architecture. The System readily scales to hundreds of users, is built on a highly flexible platform and coincides with a broad movement within industry and government to use widely deployed IP infrastructures and commercially available computer hardware.

To learn more about VCOM and IntraCom Systems, visit us online at