First HelixNet Products Demonstrate Unprecedented Simplicity, Ease-of-Use and Audio Clarity

LONDON, UK - Clear-Com, a global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems, is proud to announce the European debut of HelixNet, a unified intercom platform that delivers a new generation of intercom products that share a common design philosophy - cabling simplicity, ease-of-use, networking flexibility and system intelligence. A truly revolutionary approach to intercom technology honed by Clear-Com's decades of experience in the communications industry, the first two products in the family, the HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X) and HelixNet Beltpacks (HBP-2X), will be showcased for attendees at AES 2010 in London (Booth 1411).

HelixNet simplifies the setup, management and use of intercom systems often required in today's multiplatform production workflows, including those of local broadcast facilities, houses of worship and intimate live venues. Based on Clear-Com's award-winning I.V.Core technology, HelixNet breaks down the silos of separate intercoms and allows operators to effortlessly and seamlessly connect and control multiple system connections on a single communications platform - whether it's a main station, portable beltpack, digital panel, wall-speaker unit or software-based client.

HelixNet offers flexible and simple cabling and networking. All systems on the platform are designed to work on common, standard cabling, such as microphone cables, CAT-5 and fibre. In addition, all HelixNet systems can connect into a facility on a standard LAN/IT network infrastructure without the need to add new wiring, yielding significant time and cost savings for any new intercom project.

Best of all, HelixNet audio performance retains the familiarity and trust of the company's signature "Clear-Com Sound" with enhanced digital precision. The high signal-to-noise ratio on each system ensures users can hear absolute clarity from the moment each word is spoken. Also equipped with built-in access gateways to interoperate with traditional intercom systems, HelixNet is compatible with Clear-Com Encore, RTS 2-wire or partyline and 4-wire matrix wired and wireless systems.

"Today's sophisticated audiences place ever-greater demands on audio quality and it is up to the engineers to maintain airtight, well-coordinated communications to achieve that," says Matt Danilowicz, Managing Director, Clear-Com. This is why we developed the HelixNet platform to be highly flexible, powerfully robust and simple to use."

At AES London 2010, Clear-Com will showcase the first two members of the HelixNet family: the HelixNet Main Station and the HelixNet Beltpacks. The Main Station can connect on a facility's existing network infrastructure, forming a single communications network and allowing connectivity over greater distances. Supporting four channels and 20 beltpacks, the HelixNet Main Station offers the simplicity of group communication and the high-channel capacity and flexibility of point-to-point matrix systems. Users looking to operate on a separate analog partyline, matrix or wireless intercom system can easily plug into the HelixNet Main Station via 2-wire or 4-wire interface modules, bringing everyone in a facility into the same communications environment. USB connectivity provides easy software and firmware maintenance and upgrades, while simplified standard wire cabling helps expand the system network and scale operation more cost effectively.

The most rugged and ergonomic beltpack yet introduced by Clear-Com, the new HelixNet Beltpack features enhanced status displays and controls for easy, reliable operation under even the most demanding conditions. High-contrast OLED status displays ease visual operation, while unique tactile controls offer intuitive touch operation. HelixNet Beltpacks come with self-configuring and auto-update features to streamline software and firmware upgrades and is also designed to operate effectively on a variety of standard cable types, including regular microphone audio cable and CAT-5. The Beltpacks can connect to the Main Station with passive Y-splitters to facilitate interconnection in different patterns and can be daisy-chained over standard audio cable.

All products in the HelixNet family are engineered for maximum reliable system performance and are built to work under a variety of conditions. In keeping with Clear-Com's philosophy of making intercom communications open and accessible, these first two introductions are forward-compatible and ready for use with future HelixNet products and systems based on this groundbreaking technology.

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