Expanded Feature Set Demonstrates Ongoing Development Strategy

AMSTERDAM – Solid State Logic is proud to showcase its V3 Software for the innovative and industry-leading C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console at IBC 2011 (Hall 8. Stand D83). The V3 software release, first announced at NAB 2011 and now available as an upgrade, introduces a range of new features and options that significantly expand the capability of the console. The C10 turned the industry upside-down by delivering exceptional power at an attractive price point and the legacy continues with V3 software, further demonstrating the company’s ongoing development strategy.

“The C10 literally redefined the digital broadcast console through SSL’s innovative range of Production Assistant tools embedded in a compact and cost-effective form factor,” says Niall Feldman, director of new products for Solid State Logic. “With V3 software, the popular Dialogue Automix, 5.1 Upmix, DAW Control and Production Automation interfacing features are now joined by the C-Play playout system, integration with Mosart Medialab automation and compatibility with Reidel RockNet Audio Networks, to name a few features. With V3, the C10 will continue to lead the industry well into the future.”

The winning formula for C10 is a unique combination of large console power and features delivered in a compact, affordable and extremely intuitive package. In particular, a range of automated features and simplified controls make the C10 ideal for environments where users of varying skill levels will operate the console. The V3 software release includes a range of great new features which significantly expand and enhance the appeal of the product.

Highlights include ‘C-Play,’ another industry first from SSL that integrates a dual player professional audio playout system into the console surface. C-Play delivers superior ergonomics for the operator and integrated recall of playlists with console projects. Compatibility with external studio systems is significantly enhanced; V3 includes integration with Mosart Medialab Newscast Automation. Mosart is one of the world’s leading production automation systems and adds to existing support for Sony ELC and Ross Overdrive. Full duplex connectivity with Reidel RockNet Audio Networks (including remote preamp control and compatibility with their Independent Gain System) expands compatibility with installed audio networks. Audio Follow Video capabilities are also enhanced with independently programmable ramp on/off fade times.

Improving on a class leading set of redundancy capabilities, V3 introduces Loop Redundancy Mode for the SSL MORSE Stagebox and the new Alpha-Link Live-R MADI I/O unit. Building on the success of the Alpha-Link Live low-cost console I/O unit, the new Alpha-Link Live-R unit adds a set of Redundant MADI optical fiber connections to the existing Alpha-Link Live low-cost console I/O unit. The new Loop Redundancy Mode reduces the number of cables required for redundant fibre system installation and doubles the amount of audio signals that can be passed between the C10/C100 and the modular B-RIO I/O Unit.

V3 also brings several surround production additions. The 5.1 fold-down system adds user adjustable individual Center, Rear (LS and RS) and LFE gain setting, an overall stereo output level trim and a new M-3, M-6 mono fold-down option. A 5.1 BLITS Tone Ident generator routes to all 5.1 format PGM, ASG, channel and utility buses. Additional significant features include an Automatic Mix Minus Off-air Confidence Cue and Conference Mix option that improves communications in fast-paced talk show environments. Gate/Expander and Program Delay options to enhance the C10’s flexibility to precisely re-time audio in applications that introduce video processing delays.

V3 Software for C10 HD is now available.

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Editors Notes;

The C10 HD is truly the SSL broadcast console for the rest of us, providing a self-contained console with no additional processing racks and passive cooling that is ideal for any smaller, quiet space. The C10 HD delivers the superior audio quality, powerful processing tools and advanced ergonomics expected from any SSL console and offers many options to solve the production and workflow challenges of smaller broadcasters upgrading their facilities for HD content production.

The C10 features a collection of Production Assistants, a range of unique software options designed to streamline production workflow. Each offers an innovative solution to a specific modern broadcast production challenge. They are all integrated into the console surface, placing hands on control at the heart of your workflow. Most automate key production tasks leaving experienced engineers free to concentrate on other aspects of the production or enable non specialist operators achieve professional results. A ‘Broadcast Production Automation’ option provides support for Ross, Sony and Mosart Medialab production automation systems, while the ‘5.1 Upmix’ option generates multichannel surround output from stereo sources. The innovative ‘Dialogue Automix’ option ensures reliable, multi-mic talk show audio level management. SSL’s DAW control option enables post production mixing during studio dark periods for increased studio productivity. C10 HD integrates with SSL’s MORSE multi console, multi studio audio asset sharing system which can include multiple SSL C10 HD and the larger C100 HDS consoles with asset control from the console surface.

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