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China's SCTV Builds State-of-the-Art Facility on Harmonic Media Server and Storage Systems

Omneon MediaDeck(TM) and Omneon MediaGrid(TM) Systems Enable Reliable, Efficient Ingest and Playout Workflow for Leading Chinese Broadcaster

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Aug. 16, 2011 -- Harmonic Inc. (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that Sichuan TV (SCTV), one of China's largest broadcasters, has installed Omneon media servers and storage systems in its new broadcast center to support ingest and playout. Within its brand-new facility in Chengdu, Sichuan, SCTV will use the Omneon platform to broadcast 13 channels across the Sichuan province, which has a population of 8.75 million, and to play out a satellite channel reaching the entire Chinese mainland.

SCTV relies on Omneon MediaDeck(TM) server systems, supplied by Cybersolutions, for ingest and playout. Content first is ingested and previewed either through the MediaDeck systems or the broadcast center's Dayang Technology Development media asset management (MAM) system, then transferred to an Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage system supplied by Dayang.

The Omneon MediaGrid provides mirrored 16TB of high-performance nearline storage, making content immediately available to the MediaDeck system for playout. Dayang MAM and automation manage media transfers between the two systems and subsequent playout. For SCTV, the well-established reliability and performance of its new Omneon systems are complemented by professional local training and support from Dayang and Cybersolutions.

"In designing its new broadcast center, SCTV sought a proven SD/HD media server that could offer both flexibility and stability, as well as a redundant and resilient nearline storage solution that would ensure fast access to media. The Omneon systems from Harmonic best met all of these requirements," said ShangTong, manager of Dayang's R&D department. "As SCTV continues to grow, the scalability of both the Omneon MediaGrid and MediaDeck systems will ensure that the company can expand its media server and storage platform with ease."

"SCTV is a broadcast leader in Southwest China, and the company's completion of its new facility and state-of-the-art broadcast center represents a significant milestone in the advancement of China's broadcast industry," said Andrew Thornton, vice president of Asia/Pacific sales at Harmonic. "The interoperability of the Omneon platform with SCTV's Dayang solutions enables a highly efficient end-to-end workflow for taking programming to air."

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Harmonic expectations and beliefs regarding the capabilities of Harmonic's Omneon MediaDeck(TM) server systems and Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage system and the anticipated benefits for Sichuan TV (SCTV) may not materialize, and actual results could differ materially from those projected. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are also subject to other risks and uncertainties, including those more fully described in Harmonic's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission including its recent Reports filed on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q. Harmonic does not undertake to update any forward-looking statements.

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