Inlet Technologies Announces Support for Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming

Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, announced today that its SpinnakerTM family of live streaming appliances and Armada automated transcoding solution will offer full support for Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming when it is available in late May.

HTTP Dynamic Streaming enables high-quality (H.264 or VP6), network-efficient HTTP streaming for media delivery. This open-format solution allows content owners to leverage existing network and cache infrastructures to efficiently deliver media content to the Adobe Flash® Platform. HTTP Dynamic Streaming supports quality-of-service (QoS) monitoring, adaptive bitrate, and DVR functionality. The HTTP Dynamic Streaming workflow includes content preparation tools, fragmented MP4 files that are HTTP cache friendly and options for protected streaming powered by Adobe Flash Access™ 2.0, continuing to make the Adobe Flash Platform an excellent choice for reliable delivery of more secure, high-quality playback experiences.

Inlet’s support for HTTP Dynamic Streaming extends the company’s class-leading solutions for the Adobe Flash Platform. Inlet was an early adopter of Dynamic Streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server and supports Adobe Flash technologies for content owners who are seeking best in class streaming options, whether using HTTP Dynamic Streaming or RTMP using Adobe Flash Media Server. Inlet’s live and VOD solutions all fully support this technology.

“Inlet has worked extensively with Adobe engineers to bring enterprise grade implementation of HTTP Dynamic Streaming for the Adobe Flash Platform. These efforts extend Inlet's proven product solutions, which are in use at some of the industry's largest and most robust workflows,” said John Bishop, senior vice president of product and business development, Inlet Technologies. “The combination of Inlet’s and Adobe’s advanced technologies, including planned support for content protection using Adobe Flash Access 2.0 will continue to dramatically alter both the way video is delivered and the experience that the viewer gets from it.”

“Adobe is pleased to be working with Inlet on HTTP Dynamic Streaming, our new media delivery technology that allows content creators, developers and publishers to leverage existing network and cache infrastructures to efficiently deliver media content to Adobe Flash Platform,” said Scott Wellwood, director of business development for Dynamic Media at, Adobe. “With Inlet’s industry-leading support, Adobe is able to provide high quality video experiences to customers on a global basis.”

About Inlet Technologies

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