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For a Limited Time, Customers Can Receive a $250 Rebate with the Purchase of New, Flat Screen LED Teleprompter Monitors

SHELTON, CT, DECEMBER 13, 2010 – To kick off the New Year, Autoscript, the world’s leading teleprompting company and a Vitec Group brand, will be offering a limited-time promotion that allows customers to update existing equipment and receive a rebate for purchasing brand new, lightweight flat screen monitors. From January 1 through March 31, 2011, users in North America who buy a new Autoscript LED teleprompter monitor by contacting their local dealer or Autoscript directly at can submit their old CRT monitors to Autoscript and receive a $250 rebate. All previously-owned CRT teleprompter monitors will be recycled.

Users interested in this promotion can choose from 15", 17" or 19” LED monitors, all of which are easy to retrofit into existing prompting systems and designed to save energy. Within the shipment of the new prompter (or by request at, users will receive a rebate form and instructions for returning old CRT units. Once users return their submission form with the old CRT to Autoscript, they will receive the $250 rebate.

Included in this promotion is Autoscript’s newest monitor, the 17-inch LED17TFT-BLW System—a Wide Angle, On-Camera Prompter that incorporates the latest in Autoscript’s illumination technology, the TFT (thin-film transistor) LED system. Unlike CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tubes), which take many minutes to reach full efficiency and light output, TFT LED offers instant warm-up to full brightness. In addition, the LED17TFT-BLW comes with a Wide Angle Hood, making it optimal for news or studio-based productions.

“We are pleased to offer our users the very latest in teleprompting technology, while providing them with a generous rebate along with proper disposal of their old unit,” says Janice D. Seawright, general manager of Autoscript. “Those who take advantage of this promotion will quickly find that Autoscript’s LED technology has major advantages, including ‘green’ energy savings.”

The LED17TFT-BLW uses significantly less power than existing TFTs, thereby increasing the monitor’s efficiency. What’s more, the LED17TFT-BLW comes equipped with an Eco +Plus+ feature that saves power when no active video is present and includes a preset LCM (Low Consumption Modes) feature for use with camera utility power-outlets, built-in dimmable Tally Light with Opto Sensor input and repeat output, illuminated control panel for easy visibility in dark studio conditions and optional HD-SDI input.

For more information and to find an authorized Autoscript dealer, please visit or contact

About Autoscript Established in the U.K. in 1984, with headquarters in the U.S. and the U.K., Autoscript is the world leader in the prompting industry. Autoscript provides a complete range of PC-based teleprompters, the best designed and built hardware, PC cards and software, and – with its expanding line of intuitive accessories – is the new definition in prompting. Autoscript is a member of the Vitec Group. For more information, visit

A Snapshot of The Vitec Group Vitec is an international Group principally serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military, aerospace and government (MAG) markets. Listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2009 revenue of £315 million, Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers worldwide rely. Vitec is organised in three divisions: Imaging & Staging, Videocom and Services.

Imaging & Staging designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and accessories for photography, video and events.

Videocom designs and distributes systems and products used in broadcasting and live entertainment, film and video production and MAG.

Services provides equipment rental, workflow design and technical support for camera, video, audio, fibre optic and wireless technology used by TV production teams and film crews.

More information can be found at