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ION Designed for Multi-Room, Multi-Source Monitoring and Archiving

LAS VEGAS, NVSSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company, will showcase the Gravity ION Compliance Monitoring System at NAB 2010, Booth N808, from April 12 to 15, 2010, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Based on the powerful Gravity Media Asset Management system, ION can be used for monitoring and archiving applications, compliance training, strategy meetings or any multi-room or multi-source monitoring requirement. The ION system is fully scalable with a standard entry level system typically consisting of 10 Review Workstations and one Gravity Media Asset Management Workstation.

“From critical government meetings and military applications to team strategy sessions and everything in between, ION gives the user the power to capture, archive and recall meetings over an entire office complex with HD video and digital audio,” says Joe Walsh, vice president of sales for SSL DV. “If you have a room full of very expensive consultants, executives, educators, engineers, government leaders or coaches, ION gives an organization the advanced management system needed to ensure accuracy, accountability and compliance.”

The ION system works with popular low cost IP HD cameras that have built-in H.264 HD encoding with audio. This allows digital video/audio streams to be created at the camera and sent over standard Ethernet networks to an ION Multi-Cam Server (IMCS). The IMCS receives these digital video feeds from all cameras and allows those streams to be displayed on ION review workstations. Other sources requiring encoding can also be used by adding ION encoding servers. ION encoders can record up to 16 channels of video and 32 channels of audio simultaneously.

The IMCS as standard is equipped with 16TB of Raid6 Protected storage. Additional storage may be added to the IMCS to accommodate virtually any amount of continuous record time. By offering an “always on” recording feature, ION eliminates the need for any in-room control or setup. There is no possibility of missing important meetings or lectures because it started early or went late. Everything in the meeting room is always recorded with no user involvement, if desired. Additionally, the user can set ION to automatically start over-recording the data from the first day after the recording duration storage is full, eliminating the need for constant system operators.

For archiving, users may select material from the IMCS and schedule it for permanent storage on the archive server (IAS). The IAS is configured with 32TB Raid6 Storage and is expandable in 16, 24, or 48TB increments. Material stored on the IAS may be immediately replayed at any ION workstation in the same way as a live camera and LOOP material may be played from the IMCS. There is no need to change the user interface (UI) or select a different source for material. ION handles all those chores in the background.

Each Master Monitoring Workstation powers two 55-inch LCD displays with 1920X1080 resolutions. Screen 1 displays an interface showing all cameras using their live streams. Screen 2 displays any selected camera in full screen mode. The UI will display text for each camera describing the meeting room if desired. The Screen 2 UI will also display a standard Gravity play and selector bar. This item will allow a user to Pause Play and Scrub the video and review meeting elements. It also can display Picons of all archived media and provides tools for searching the archive. The UI also provides a view panel of reports prepared by users, the capability to mark sections, add descriptive text, append documents and designate video in and out points to create video clips of interest.

Control of the workstation is almost completely through the use of a Gyration Elite Air Mouse. This wireless controller allows the user to accomplish all main functions without the need to go back to a keyboard or standard mouse. The Gyration unit is RF and allows the user to operate the Workstation up to 100ft from the receiver. This allows for wireless use in even the largest meeting rooms.

SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company offers comprehensive advanced turnkey Gravity Digital Asset Management and rapid media production systems serving the entertainment, broadcast, education, corporate and government markets. Systems can be configured for small workgroups up to multi-location enterprise systems. For more information on our products or services please visit us on the Web at: