StreamGuys and AGP Video Partner for Government Event Production and Multimedia Streaming

Streaming media platform from StreamGuys supports high-traffic streaming events at affordable price

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA, August 10, 2010StreamGuys, Inc., a streaming media and content delivery provider, is exclusively supporting live and archived multimedia streams for AGP Video, Inc. the premier producer of government meeting documentation in the state of California.

AGP Video contracts with city, county, state and federal agencies to produce live events for broadcast worldwide over the web and on cable television outlets in selected California communities. The company owns and operates eight fully-equipped production trucks, shooting around 1,000 meetings a year.

AGP Video has produced live and archived content for the web since the turn of the century, the vast majority of which highlights environmentally-themed government meetings and conferences. The company turned to the web after discovering that local community access channels (as well as the California Channel, a state-wide, must-carry based in Sacramento) offered limited airtime.

“We were overproducing within a year of starting the business, so I looked to the web for better distribution,” said Steve Mathieu, president and co-owner of AGP Video. “We quickly scaled to three dedicated servers, but they were spread out and cumbersome to manage. Then I met StreamGuys.”

StreamGuys customized a streaming media platform to enable multiple-format streaming of live and archived broadcasts. Successful projects over the past six months include multiple California Coastal Commission events, a series of monthly public meetings of three-to-five days held in different locations throughout the state that discuss ongoing development activities and other environmental issues as they relate to the California Coastal Act of 1976.

“StreamGuys built a plan that brings multiple elements at a very affordable price, including my website, archive storage and access, live streaming bandwidth and administrative aspects,” said Mathieu. “The previous system of stringing together multiple servers became expensive and complex. StreamGuys set up an entirely different bandwidth metering and pricing structure so that I don’t overbuy or under-buy. And the technical support is a hands-on experience that has made my life easier.”

In addition to centralizing the operation, StreamGuys reduces costs for AGP Video by supporting “bursts” for high-traffic events like the California Coastal Commission and CalEPA’s Air Resources Board meetings.

“AGP Video previously used basic hosting services for streaming, which penalize clients with data plans that produce expensive bills following large-volume streaming events,” said Jonathan Speaker, COO of StreamGuys. “Our streaming solution with bursting support gives them a flat rate instead of charging them for every bit transferred across the network.”

StreamGuys also supports live and archived AGP Video streams of California Fish and Game Commission meetings as well as number of meetings for California Natural Resources state agencies and sub-committees. Archived streams can be accessed at

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