Future Media Concepts Goes Live With FMC|Online

Detailed course listings and video demonstration now accessible via the FMC website.

New York, NY – September 16, 2009 – Future Media Concepts (FMC), the US premier authorized digital media training organization for postproduction, broadcast professionals and content creators, is pleased to announce the availability of FMC|Online; instructor-led, online training classes for post, broadcast and content creators. FMC|Online utilizes the latest in desktop sharing technology; providing an interactive platform for attendees to attend courses and work with instructors live using voice or chat, while simultaneously receiving true to life assistance during exercises.

“We would like to think of FMC|Online as a new branch office in the utmost convenient location. Traveling can be difficult and the virtual nature of FMC|Online gives students the opportunity to attend our courses form their own homes,” says Ben Kozuch, co-founder of FMC. “The curriculum is similar to our in-person training; offering instruction on the latest digital editing, motion graphics, desktop publishing, web development and Mac OSX technologies. Our FMC|Online instructors are also available to provide immediate feedback and assistance during presentations as if they were positioned just across the room. We are looking forward to students taking full advantage of FMC|Online while we continue to enhance its offerings.”

FMC|Online offers software training from leading manufacturers, including Adobe®, Apple® and Avid®; with live group sessions conducted by industry recognized, Manufacturer Certified Instructors. Its current course listings include:


Digital Video

- Editing with Final Cut Pro 7 ®

- Advanced Techniques in Final Cut Pro 7

- Introduction to Color

Desktop Publishing

- An Introduction to iLife ®

- An Introduction to iWork ®

Mac IT Acadamy ®

- Best Tips for Migrating from Windows to Mac

- Advanced Mac OS X ® Course


Digital Video

- Editing with Avid Media Composer ® v3.5

- Avid Media Composer Effects Techniques v3.5

- Color Correction with Avid Media Composer v3.5


Digital Video

- Introduction to Premiere Pro ®

- Premiere Pro Advanced

Motion Graphics

- Introduction to After Effects ®

- Intermediate Adobe After Effects

- Advanced Adobe After Effects

- Flash ® Complete

Desktop Publishing

- Adobe Acrobat ® Complete

- InDesign ® Complete

- Illustrator ® Complete

- Photoshop ® Complete

- Photoshop Advanced: Print and Photography

Web Design and Development

- Dreamweaver ® Complete

- Flash Complete

- ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash Professionals

- Fast Track to ColdFusion 8 ®

- Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications

- Adobe Captivate 3 ®

- Adobe RoboHelp 7 ®

- An Introduction to iWork

An FMC|Online video demo is also available via the FMC website. Award-winning videographer Luisa Winters delivers the 5-minute clip, giving a condensed concept demonstration of FMC|Online and its curriculum. To access the video demo, please

visit: http://www.FMCfolder.com/fmcoDemo/video.htm.

To learn more about FMC including facility locations, instructor information and upcoming events, please visit: http://www.FMCtraining.com/fmc.asp?l=FMC+|+Online&p2=Classes+Available

About Future Media Concepts

In 1994, Jeff Rothberg and Ben Kozuch launched Future Media Concepts as the world’s first Avid Authorized Training Center. Over the years, FMC expanded its curriculum to become the nation’s premier digital media training organization representing the leading software manufacturers, including Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Boris FX, Digidesign, NewTek and Softimage.

FMC has established state-of-the-art training centers in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Orlando, Chicago and Dubai, with onsite training worldwide and available courses online. For more information regarding classes and upcoming events please visit http://www.FMCtraining.com.

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