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Algolith Portfolio of Solutions Expands: New Algogear Upconverter and Frame Synchronizers Now Shipping

Montreal, Canada, August 27, 2008 — Algolith Inc. has announced that its new Algogear™ Upconversion and Frame Synchronization products are now available for shipment. The quickly evolving Algogear series is now comprised of Noise Reduction ( VNR-1000-SD and VNR-1000-HD), and the new Upconversion ( XVC-1001-UC) and Frame Synchronization ( FRS-1002-MD and FRS-1002-MD-LG-PA) solutions. All of the products leverage the flexible, modular, and future proof design of the Algogear series to address the evolving needs of broadcast, cable, IPTV and satellite providers.

“The new Upconverter and Frame Synchronizers leverage the same reprogrammable hardware and architecture used in our noise reduction solutions, and were the next logical product choices to expand our Algogear family of products,” said Yvan Ouellet president and CEO of Algolith Inc. “The Algogear series is designed to provide the best value in advanced image processing to maximize bandwidth, clean, synchronize and scale media; all on the future-proof, modular openGear platform.”

High-Quality SD to HD Upconversion

The Algogear XVC-1001-UC Upconverter solution provides high quality conversion from SD to HD video formats. With features like standard and custom aspect ratio conversion, colour space conversion, advanced de-interlacing, directional content adaptive scaling and adaptive detail enhancement, it is ideal for upconverting SD signals into HD/SD hybrid facilities.

Users can automatically delay all 16 channels (4 groups) of embedded audio to compensate for the video delay and process closed caption and time code information. The XVC-1001-UC provides the highest quality upconversion available on the market.

Full-Featured Frame Synchronization

The Algogear FRS-1002-MD Frame Synchronizer is designed for re-timing applications in both SD and HD SDI environments on up to two discrete channels. Additional delay can be added to the synchronizing process in pixel, line or frame increments, with up to 11 additional frames of delay in HD. It is ideal for keeping signals in sync or for fixing facility timing issues. Users can also adjust embedded audio (16 channels, 4 groups), and video and audio delay can be controlled independently.

For added flexibility, the FRS-1002-MD-LG-PA provides discrete legalizer and processing amplifier functionality for the sanitization of each channel. The legalizer ensures video signals conform to industry-defined limited ranges, while the proc-amp allows users to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue (SD only). The FRS-1002-MD and FRS-1002-MD-LG-PA provide the highest density, highest level of functionality and lowest cost-per-channel on the market.

The Algogear Series

The FPGA-based Algogear series cards feature reprogrammable cores, allowing customers the flexibility to repurpose the functionality of the cards over time. The cards are designed specifically for the openGear frame and controlled by the easy-to-use DashBoard software. The 2RU openGear frame allows users the flexibility to choose from over one hundred solutions and can house a mix of analog, digital, video and audio modules in the same frame; permitting broadcast professionals the freedom and flexibility to choose the best solution for their specific application.

Additional Information

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The new Algogear series products are now available for purchase. To order, contact an Algolith Sales Representative or an Authorized Algolith Reseller. For contact information, or to locate a reseller, call 1.877.ALGOLITH, or visit

About Algolith Inc.

Algolith Inc., based in Montréal (Québec, Canada) is a privately held company founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Miranda Technologies. Algolith has developed the industry’s most advanced video processing algorithms, leveraging over 50 man-years of R&D and IP development. The company has built its reputation around delivering its patented core Intellectual Property (IP), an unparalleled portfolio of technology which significantly improves image quality in all formats.

Algolith solutions include a series of FPGA-based image processing and enhancement cards designed to meet the exacting needs of broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV providers; as well as specialized IP solutions which can be used for FPGA or ASIC implementations by OEM and IP licensees.

Algolith’s IP technology is behind some of the industry’s leading video processing solutions and is recognized worldwide as “best-in-class”. Since its inception, Algolith’s mission has been to provide the best value in advanced image processing so you can maximize bandwidth, clean, synchronize and scale media, with a future proof, modular platform. For more information, visit