San Diego, CA – May 2008… Equator Audio Research, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications, is pleased to announce the company’s Q8 studio reference monitors are now shipping. Currently the smallest and most affordable monitor in the Q Series catalog, the Equator Q8 employs the identical design characteristics that have enabled the Q8’s larger siblings to obtain such critical acclaim.

Measuring a mere 13- x 13- x 13-inches and featuring an 8-inch woofer coupled with a high-powered, 1-inch compression horn driver, the new Q8 delivers the power and accuracy of Equator Audio’s larger Q Series models, but with a more compact form factor. A 2-way active system, the Q8 enclosure is constructed of 13-ply Baltic Birch and is heavily braced for cabinet rigidity.

All Q Series monitors feature a Zero Point Reference coaxial design with Digitally-Controlled Transducers™. The CPU that resides inside each Equator monitor handles a host of formidable tasks, including matching the transducers as well as seamlessly incorporating the system’s crossover approach. This unique no-slope crossover approach reduces the mid-range distortion commonly associated with conventional coaxial designs to facilitate highly accurate, natural sounding mid-range reproduction that is never harsh.

The Equator Audio Q Series monitors also benefit from cutting-edge DSP technology that helps mix engineers ensure their room is optimized for accurate monitoring. Included with every Equator Q Series monitor is a software application that enables a mix engineer to manually compensate for acoustic anomalies in addition to issues created by placement/boundary and secondary reflections within the listening environment. Along with the environmental compensation, this included software also provides extraordinary control over the monitors—including equalization, mute, solo, and phase. The optionally available Q Series Calibration kit fully automates the analysis and compensation process and includes a calibrated test microphone.

Ted Keffalo, President of Equator Audio Research, commented on the availability of the company’s new Q8 studio reference monitors. “With the Q8’s compact form factor, these monitors become a perfect match for smaller rooms and project studios—in the process, making these highly capable monitors accessible to a much wider customer base. I’m confident when prospective customers compare the price of competing reference monitors with real compression drivers to the entire Equator Q Series product line, they will find the Equator Audio monitors to be a particularly compelling value. Furthermore, when one takes into consideration the Q8’s accuracy and ability to compensate for sonic environmental conditions, I believe it will immediately find itself on the serious customer’s ‘short list’ of monitors for consideration.”

The Equator Audio Research Q Series monitors are rapidly finding their way into leading recording and production facilities of all types from Groove Addicts in Los Angeles to Puff Daddy’s “Daddy’s House” studios in New York. They were most recently seen at Abbey Road Studios in London during the recording of the upcoming film Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

The Equator Audio Q8 carries an MSRP price of $1,500 and is available now through authorized Equator Audio Research resellers. For information on locating an Equator Audio authorized reseller, please visit http://www.equatoraudio.com/distributors.htm.

About Equator Audio Research

Equator Audio Research is committed to delivering studio reference monitor solutions that overcome the myriad of challenges faced in today’s audio production. Whether the challenge is on the production line or in the studio control room, Equator is dedicated to identifying and addressing it. Our products are used daily in mission-critical applications at many of the world’s finest recording studios. For additional information on the Q8 and all Equator Audio products, visit the company online at www.equatoraudio.com.