Synterra Media Delivers Russian-Language Television Programming to US via Genesis Networks

NEW YORK -- Jan. 8, 2008 -- Synterra Media, part of Synterra ZAO, one of Russia‘s largest independent telecommunications providers, has contracted with Genesis Networks, a provider of next-generation global video transmission services, to deliver Russian-language television programs to the U.S. via the Genesis Networks fiber infrastructure. The relationship has enabled Synterra to expand revenue opportunities and widen its market scope to the large population of expatriate Russian citizens living in the U.S.

Initially, the Synterra-Genesis Networks link is carrying news and entertainment programming from Channel One, Russia‘s highest-rated TV channel, with plans to carry content from other Russian broadcasters in the near future. The signal is carried via Synterra‘s network from Moscow to Genesis‘ New York POP (Point of Presence), where it is picked up by Genesis Networks and transmitted to Comcast and DirecTV for delivery to their DTH customers throughout the U.S.

“We turned to Genesis Networks because we needed a bullet-proof, highly reliable system that could deliver where our previous network provider could not. Genesis is known for providing the state of the art in global fiber transmissions, with an extremely high quality of service,” said Valerii Krylov, CEO of Synterra Media. “Genesis Networks will be at the top of our list as we continue to expand our global transmission capacity to other countries.”

“Synterra is an example of our growing presence across Eastern Europe and Russia,” said Paul Dujardin, president and CEO of Genesis Networks. “Broadcasters in this region are looking for cost-effective, highly available, and dependable delivery methods for reaching new audiences in the West. That‘s why they‘re turning increasingly to our point-to-point solutions.”

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About Synterra ZAO

Synterra is an independent, national telecommunications provider in Russia, offering a wide range of services including voice, Internet, IT networking and consulting, and services for mass media through Synterra. Synterra was formed in 2005 through the merger of three Russian telecom companies, Komet, RT Comm, and Telecom-Centre. For more information, visit

About Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks provides broadcasters, cable networks, production companies, and corporations with high-quality customized global video transmission services that are reliable, flexible, and affordable. The Genesis Networks‘ platform is a next-generation, IP-based fiber and satellite video network with cutting-edge switching and compression technologies. With more than 100 locations worldwide and growing, many organizations can now take advantage of Genesis Networks‘ services. The company‘s network operations center in New York City maintains the health and standards of the global network while the Genesis Networks proprietary software system, IRIS, allows clients to have remote, real-time network monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. Additional information on Genesis Networks and its innovative products is available at