Video Technics and Utah Scientific Partner to Introduce MCR.BOX at NAB 2012

A Better “Channel-in-a-Box” Solution

Atlanta, GA (April 11, 2012) – Video Technics Inc., a worldwide supplier of cutting-edge broadcast and master control products has partnered with Utah Scientific, the broadcast industry's leading supplier of routing switchers and associated products to develop MCR.BOX, a fully functional, seamlessly integrated product bundle for automating master control operations. “When two companies who have a shared value system of integrity, high standards, and creativity come together, the result is a solid viable business tool for the broadcast industry,” stated Tom Harmon, CEO, Utah Scientific, “Working with VT we can show an excellent example of how we can build a fully integrated system using “best-of-breed” products; we are going to provide our existing and new customers a single integrated and reliable solution.”

The Video Technics Apella Video Server Family offers seamless workflow solutions for critical content management and automated multi-channel delivery. When automated with VT Scheduler PRO software and fully integrated with Utah Scientific’s Master Control Switcher MC-40, the result is a better “channel-in-a-box” solution to provide an advanced IT-based workflow together with legacy automation interfaces and traditional panels for ensured backward compatibility and emergency manual control. “Both Video Technics and Utah Scientific had complimentary products that when blended resulted in a very affordable solution built with individual components that provide more reliability, manual overrides, and better on-air protection,” stated Mark Rivers, CEO of Video Technics, “This master control solution includes a high-end feature set providing full automation from traffic to playout to reconciliation and is perfectly priced for the expanding sub-channel market.”

The Apella video server is a highly scalable, feature-packed media server built on an IT-centric foundation. Designed with open architecture and non-proprietary file formats, VT’s innovative software and solutions are future-proofed for the distinct needs of the broadcasting industry.

The MC-40 is a feature-packed master control switcher in a small package which offers clean and quiet switching and fade effects, two full keyers, internal logo insertion, audio-overs, EAS presentation, and it simplifies timing by providing video frame buffers on all eight router inputs. The optional front panel controls offer easy manual overrides in case of an emergency.

VT Scheduler PRO provides scripted automation and control of video server, switcher, graphics, and many 3rd party devices with rules-based, automatic secondary events. This application designed for broadcast automation includes flexible traffic list import, automated content ingest & program segmentation, custom reporting, AsRun logs and automatic traffic reconciliation.

MCR.BOX operates completely standalone and is easily scaled by networking existing Utah router systems and Apella servers with a Video Technics production and playout environment. “The result is a multi-channel broadcast operation that is efficient, legacy-compatible, high quality and on-air continuously with a minimal amount of manual intervention,” Rivers stated. Harmon concurs, “This "channel-in-a-box" solution from Video Technics and Utah Scientific is specifically designed to provide both the benefits of integrated simplicity and legacy compatibility in one device for reliable and affordable master control operations.”

“MCR.BOX is an affordable solution for consolidated master control automation that incorporates SD/HD video server ingest & playout, quite & clean switching, EAS message presentation, and channel branding/logo insertion. We invite you to see a demonstration of this product in Utah Scientific’s booth #N4511 in the North Hall at this year’s NAB.” Rivers concluded.

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