TVU Networks Adds Full HD Capability to its TVUPack Mobile News Gathering Backpack

TVU Networks, the technology leader in live TV over Internet, is bringing 3G mobile News Gathering capability to a new height. The TVUPack has been the gold standard in 3G News Gathering backpacks in Standard Resolution. Already in use at over 100 broadcast stations around the world, TVU is now deploying an upgrade to the TVUPack that enables all existing and new customers to move to High Definition. Global TVUPack customers include all four major US networks, and many top global broadcasters including Star News (India) and TVBS (Taiwan).

The latest technology developed for the TVUPack TM8000, allows it to accept HD/SDI camera signals, transmit in HD resolution, and output in full HD over wireless cellphone networks. For the first time, journalists can deliver an HD quality signal using a mobile broadcasting backpack. The TVUPack now features HD output in 720p or 1080i at 25 or 30 frames per second with its SDI interface. This HD capability is being deployed to all current TVUPack customers.

The compact TM8000 is packed with advanced networking and compression technologies. The high-powered H.264 video encoding engine delivers a vivid HD signal, even with limited bandwidth. TVU’s VBR, Variable Bit Rate, technology automatically adjusts the bit-rate according to the total available aggregated bandwidth. TVU’s Inverse StatMux technology allows the TVUPack to fully utilize the available bandwidth of multiple 3G/4G data connections. The combination of these technologies ensures that the TVUPack is able to deliver the best and most stable picture in the industry. TVUPack stands as the chosen top-tier product for next-generation mobile news gathering.

Paul Shen, TVU Networks CEO, stated the following about the latest deployment, “There are plenty of Skype-alike solutions in the marketplace, but broadcasters are telling us they want quality and low latency as good as their DSNG vans, which the TVUPack delivers. TVU’s deployment of HD further extends our technology lead, and we have a lot more in the pipeline.”

About TVU Networks:

TVU Networks is the technology leader in live TV over Internet. The company’s products and services allow both broadcasters and viewers to get the full advantage of using the Internet as a broadcast and transmission medium. The company’s TVUPack is the perfect tool for un-tethered broadcasting.

TVU’s TV platform empowers any size broadcaster to effectively monetize their content through a live Internet TV platform that reaches the entire world, has unlimited channel capacity, and allows for very low broadcasting costs. The TVU platform also offers cross platform support, including Windows, Mac, and a best-selling iPhone app. The TVUPlayer applications have been downloaded over 50 million times. TVU Networks was founded in 2005 and has headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, and offices in New York, Boston, and Shanghai.

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