Edgeware Announces Integration with SeaChange to Provide Complete Multiscreen Solution

Edgeware’s initial integration with SeaChange will be deployed in multiple projects over the next two quarters

Boston, Cable Show – May 21, 2012 - Edgeware, the technology leader in distributed video delivery, today announced it has integrated its Orbit family of video servers including the WTV-2X and new Orbit 3020, with leading global multi-screen video software innovator SeaChange International’s Adrenalin™ next generation unified back office.

SeaChange Adrenalin is a next generation unified back office based on an open service-oriented architecture enabling operators to manage, monetize, and deliver a seamless multi-screen experience to subscribers. The platform incorporates applications focused on business management, content management, monitoring and client publishers. It can be integrated with any video server hardware available today, allowing cable operators to select best-of-breed solutions, such as Edgeware’s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) system.

The integration of Edgeware’s D-VDN with SeaChange’s Adrenalin back office can dramatically reduce operators’ OPEX, while fully providing a complete multiscreen solution with simultaneous support for video-centric wholesale delivery services. Edgeware’s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) is a simple and highly scalable platform for video delivery. Its built-in capability to record live TV channels allows cable operators to deliver advanced video and TV on-demand services with the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) from a single platform.

“Cable operators will benefit immensely from the solution, as it provides them with a pre-integrated migration path from their existing servers to the next generation multiscreen video services.” said Joachim Roos, chief executive officer, Edgeware. “We are set to make our mark on the cable industry to provide premium services in a more cost efficient and scalable way and deliver unmatched QoE.”

Edgeware´s proven and widely deployed video delivery platform offers a future proof solution that allows operators to simply and seamlessly add subscribers and services, such as VOD, nPVR, Time-Shift TV, Retransmission and Fast Channel Change, as well as multi-screen retail and wholesale CDN services, while paying as they grow. This dramatically reduces costs and accelerates ROI.

About Edgeware

Edgeware is the technology leader in distributed video delivery networks, designed to allow operators to monetize video services such as video on demand (VOD), time shift TV and network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR), as well as offering wholesale Content Delivery Networking (CDN) management services. Edgeware provides the video delivery systems needed to offer video services across managed and unmanaged networks, with the ability to reach any screen, at any time, with any content. Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a U.S. office in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

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