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Facilities focus 2013 spending on infrastructure technology

In a recent global Broadcast Technology Survey by SCRI and Broadcast Engineering Magazine, broadcast and video production facilities were polled on the type of products they were considering for purchase in 2013.

Overall, the leading product type, reported for purchasing by 46.1% of the survey respondents, was “wire, cable, fiber, connectors”.

Monitors, picture multi viewers ranked second with 43.2% of the overall votes.

Video storage, servers, archive products ranked a close third, with 40.8%, followed by editing systems (39%) and batteries and chargers (38.6%) rounding out the tope five across all vertical markets. Rankings vary by vertical market.

Other product types that made the top ten included: HDTV equipment (38.3%); Streaming, encoding equipment (37.3%); Test & measurement (35.4%) Camera supports, tripods, pedestals (34.7%); and Video compression encoders (34.2%).

The report contains full rankings of ALL 36 Product Types, by vertical market, plus selected Brand Share data.