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OCTOPUS Newsroom showcases OCTOPUS7

OCTOPUS Newsroom showcased its Octopus7 NRCS at IBC2013.

Octopus7 offers features to enhance workflow efficiency, as well as tools for working with social media, web and mobile devices. Specifically, Octopus7 features:

• Octopus7 Topic Bins, to organize and share news information;
• Octopus7 Assignment Desk, a planning tool that includes a linking tool, a modern planning calendar, a chat room for every assignment using the built-in user-to-user messaging system and user notifcations of new assignments;
• Octopus7 REST API, which opens an additional public communication interface with custom third-party appliations; and
• Octopus7 Event-based Actions, which allows configuring the rules that trigger automatic tasks within Octopus 7.

Features updated from Octopus6 for inclusion in Octopus7 are MIS - Reporting Tool, which tracks the volume of story creation, and Social Media Integration, which allows working directly with social media, offering tools to efficiently manage both social media contributions and monitoring.