FUJINON XA55x9.5 HDTV telephoto box style lens debuts at IBC2013

FUJIFILM North America, Optical Devices Division rolled out the FUJINON XA55x9.5 HDTV telephoto box style lens at IBC2013. The lens is designed for large venues that require tight shots from long distances.

Like the XA50x9.5, the new lens is available with a built-in lens support bracket for mounting on an ENG-style camera. Removing the need for additional camera lens support increases the cost efficiency of this lens. Also built-in is optical image stabilization, making it ideal for situations in which the camera operator must maintain a rock-steady close-up shot for long periods, such as sporting events.

With a focal length from 9.5 to 525mm (or 19 to 1050mm with a 2X extender), this zoom is designed to offer outstanding performance in challenging environments. In addition, its 16-bit encoder outputs zoom, focus position and other lens data, allowing it to combine CGI seamlessly with live images.

Features include proprietary Digital Quick Zoom and a detachable DigiPower servo drive for remote control of zoon, focus and iris with 130-bit accuracy.