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ATEME highlights Kyrion CM5000

At IBC2013, ATEME featured its Kyrion CM5000 high-performance encoder for contribution and distribution links. Based on the company's uniqiue FPGA design, the encoder permits complete software ungradability from SD to HD or 4:2:0 to 4:2:2.

Gen5 firmware provides a new video encoding algorithm that is designed to revolutionize video quality at a very low latency, thus enuring a new level of experience — even with critical delay applications such as full duplex interviews and sports coverage.

Kyrion CM5000 offers operational optimization through new features such as audio activity, VU-meters on the front-panel confidence monitor and a GUI that provides operators with the ability to easily monitor audio signal actvity.

The Seamless Channel Insertion feature is a soluton for video multiplex operators based on the open-standard/non-proprietary "Piecewise CBR" control rate mode. This allows broadcast contribution network operators to smoothly insert or remove channels in a multi-program transport system. Likewise, Zixi technology integration provides not only reliable video transmissions over the open Internet but also dynamically manages the video bit rate according to network conditions.

Additional products on show included the Kyrion DR5000 receiver decoder, Kyrion DR8400 IRD that supports HEVC, TITAN File Transcoder and TITAN Live Transcoder.