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RTW unveils software options for TM3, TM3-3G TouchMonitors

At IBC2013, RTW unveiled new software options for its TM3 and TM3-3G TouchMonitors.

The new TM3-SWMC software license expands the functionality of the TM3TouchMonitor series with PPM, VU, loudness, and a new combination of PPM and loudness moving coil instruments. The display features vertical or horizontal orientation and numeric and peak indicators with single, double and stereo channel instruments. For stereo groups in the PPM moving coil mode, additional M/S moving coil emulation is selectable.

The TM3 firmware update 2.50 includes the new Time Test Control option. Users can employ this sub menu to set the parameters for starting and stopping loudness measurement functions. In addition to a manual control enabled by on-screen keys and/or the GPI interface, full or semi-automatic measurements can also be defined. Therefore, users can choose between an autosart after loading a preset or autostart when reaching the value of an adjusted gate, with or without an automatic reset of previous values. Users can terminate loudness measurements manually with on-screen keys and/or GPI commands, as well as automatically by defining a threshold value and time span. The combination of those parameters allows users to set an automatic, semi-automatic or manual loudness measurement process as required for different applications.