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At IBC2013, Axon introduced Neuron, a video product based on Audio Video Bridging (AVB) technology.

As well as integrating AVB, Neuron is designed to help broadcasters create a live end-to-end audio and video production system with monitoring, management and protection. Neuron features both hardware and software, and offers significant cost savings, reliability, incresed flexibility for instant network access and multi-switching between live content such as a football game or game show.

AV equipment connections typically have been one-way, single-purpose and point-to-point. As a result, the industry faces challenges to remove the inherent bandwidth, speed and set-up problems of SDI-based infrastructures. With a move to an AVB-based network, all audio and video streams — as well as associated control, metadata and synchronization for live productions — will be available on one single connection.

Neuron provides broadcasters with managed networking functionalities, the ability to provide uncompressed video deliver across live production infrastructures, and compatibility with new standards such as 4K and existing formats.