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ONE Media, Saankhya Labs Launch 3.0 Demod SoC

LAS VEGAS—ATSC 3.0 reception in devices ranging from televisions, home gateways and set-top boxes to mobile consumer devices and automobiles today took a major step forward with the launch of two new digital television demodulator chips supporting Next-Gen TV.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group’s subsidiary ONE Media 3.0 LLC and Saankhya Labs in collaboration with VeriSilicon and Samsung Foundry announced the multi-standard System-on-a-Chip demodulators at the 2019 International CES in Las Vegas.

"These mobile 3.0 chips validate the 'sea change' in over-the-air distribution of, not only television, but all digital data,” said Mark Aitken, president of ONE Media 3.0. “Broadcasters are doing their part by deploying the NextGen transmission facilities, and now there will be devices enabled to receive that data – personalized and in mobile form. This chip is the key to that disruptive future in a 5G world."

Based on Saankhya’s software defined radio platform, the demodulator chips support 12 DTV standards, including ATSC 3.0, DVB-T2, ISDB-T and satellite and cable standards for TVs, home gateways, set-top boxes, automotive applications and mobile use.

The new SL3000 demod-only chip is designed for linear TV applications in TVs and other home devices. The SL4000 supports mobile and portable applications. It is intended to accelerate adoption of 3.0 in direct-to-mobile TV applications as well as broadcast-broadband converged uses.

Saankhya Labs designed and developed the demodulator SoC with ASIC design and manufacturing services from VeriSilicon and using Samsung Foundry’s 28FDS (Fully Depleted SOI process technology).

"We are excited to bring disruptive changes to the broadcasting industry with the launch of our most advanced mobile and terrestrial TV demodulator SoC,” said Parag Naik, CEO of Saankhya Labs Pvt Ltd.

“This mobile TV SoC is an essential component of our patented broadcast offload convergence solution. This will help broadcasters and telecom service providers enable their vision to bring unmatched video viewing experience anywhere, anytime, to the consumer,” he said.

More information is available on the ONE Media 3.0 website.

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