Compix Media, DNF Controls Partner in CG System

December 31, 2008
Compix Media announced that the company has collaborated with DNF Controls to create an integrated system for automatically delivering graphic information to air.

The package was created from Compix Media's character generator line and DNF Control's Universal Switch Panel (USP). It allows users to generate automatically updated text-based graphics with the push of a single button.

"DNF Controls is widely known and respected as one of the premier control systems providers in the world, and its USP offers a straightforward, pre-programmable system to automate otherwise complex tasks," said Lan Merrill, Compix Media’s director of technology. "By teaming with DNF Controls, Compix Media continues to provide our customers with elegant, easy-to-use and cost-effective video production solutions."

Compix Media, based in Irvine, Calif., now produces a line of CG equipment that can be operated remotely by industry standard protocols, including Intelligent Interface and Graphics Programming Interface signals generated by DNF Control’s USP device.

"Compix Media has built its reputation on providing all the functionality its customers require in an affordable character generator," said John Duggin, president of Sylmar, Calif.-based DNF Controls. "The integration of the company's products with our control technology brings even greater convenience and ease of use to implementation of CGs in many types of environments."

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