NewTek Organizes LightWave Training Tour

September 12, 2002
NewTek Inc. and are sponsoring the NewTek Next Dimension Training Tour, a series of two-day training seminars on 3D animation, visual effects and graphic design, which will travel through 26 North American cities this fall and winter.

The class will teach useful tips and detailed techniques on topics such as modeling tricks, creating environments, motion graphics and character animation. Participants will also receive written training materials, as well as a DVD, and a content CD loaded with instructional materials, extra software, videos and interviews with top LightWave users.

The tour starts in Minneapolis on Oct 3. and concludes in Vancouver, Canada, on Dec. 20. It is being held in conjunction with the NewTek Video Toaster Showcase Tour. Each stop will also include a free NewTek Video Toaster Showcase Event on the first evening of the stop, where attendees can learn about the NewTek product line, including Video Toaster 2 and LightWave 7.5.

Plug-in developers Worley Laboratories and Dynamic Realities are also sponsoring the tour. The classes are priced at $199 for a two-day seminar. More information is available at

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