Lyon Video Chooses Calrec Sigma With Bluefin For New HD Truck

April 25, 2007
Lyon Video has chosen a Calrec Sigma audio console with Bluefin technology for its latest production truck. The Columbus, OH, video and film production company, which covers events for ABC, ESPN and Fox Sports, expects the new HD truck to be in use for over a decade. The increasing demand for 5.1 mixing was a factor in Lyon’s choice.

Events not recorded in 5.1 still benefit from the Sigma’s Bluefin technology, which can easily handle events using submixes. Bluefin’s high-density signal processing system provides 320 channel processing paths packaged as 108 stereo and 104 mono channels, which allows up to 52 full 5.1 surround-sound channels.

The system’s ease of use also factored in, as the console will be manned by different freelance operators over the course of its use.

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