2010 Special Olympics Satellite Feed Announced

July 15, 2010
LINCOLN, NEB.: The 2010 Special Olympics National Games are set to kick off on Sunday, and the local PBS member is offering C-band reception of the Opening Ceremony. The event is scheduled for July 18, 3 to 5:30 p.m. Central. Nebraska Educational Television is offering C-band reception in DVB and DigicipherII encoding.

NET Digital Video Broadcast - Satellite (DVB-S) Information
Satellite:            Galaxy 28: C-band, transponder 2 @ 89° W
Uplink: 5965 (Vertical) Mhz
Downlink:         3740 (Horizontal) Mhz or L-Band 1410 Mhz
Symbol Rate:    (S/R) 4.444 Mbps
Data Rate:        (D/R) 6.143176
Forward Error Correction:        ¾
Service #: 1
PMT PID:        32
Video PID (VPID):      33
Video Data Rate:          5.50 Mbps
Audio 1 PID (A1PID)  34
Audio 1 Encoding         MPEG-2 digital stereo
Audio 1 Data Rate        384 Kbps
Audio 2 PID (A2PID)  35
Audio 2 Encoding         MPEG-2 digital stereo (optional-normally off)
Audio 2 Data Rate        384 Kbps

NET*Sat system specifications:

A 3.7 Meter C band satellite dish is required due to the use of a digital signal.
Satellite Intelsat Galaxy 28 @ 89° west longitude
C-band, Motorola (GI) DigicipherII MPEG-2 encoding
VCT 237
Transponder 4 (Horizontal)
Center Frequency L-Band 1370 Mhz
Center Frequency C-Band 3780 Mhz
Symbol rate 29.27 mbps
FEC 7/8
Motorola (GI) DSR4400, 4402X, 4500, 4500X, 4800, or 406
(*NET uses DSR 4800, 4520, 4500X, 4402X, 4400MD, 4410, and 406)
NOTE: DSR4200V, 4400, 4500 need the latest firmware upgrade (F2)
Manually tune to channel 500

The ceremony will be held at the Devaney Sports Center on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

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