2008 Broadcast TV Revenue Drops 0.4 Percent

April 2, 2009

NEW YORK: Total broadcast television ad revenues were down 0.4 percent last year compared to 2007, and 4Q fell 6.3 percent over the comparable period, the Television Bureau of Advertising said this week. The conclusions were based on numbers from TNS Media Intelligence,

Network television posted a 0.1 decline for the year, and a 9.3 percent decline for the quarter. Syndicated TV was down 6.5 percent for the year and flat for the quarter. Local broadcast television was down 2.4 percent in 2008 and 3.4 percent for the quarter.

Year-over-year spending in the top 10 advertising categories for local broadcast TV in 4Q08 (including both local and national spot activity) were as follows:
No. 1 Automotive was down 29.3 percent
No. 2 Political was up 675.5 percent
No. 3 Communications/Telecommunications was up 7.9 percent
No. 4 Restaurants was down 9.4 percent
No. 5 Government and Organizations was up 108.5 percent
No. 6 Insurance was down 5.9 percent
No. 7 Car & Truck Dealers was down 32.8 percent
No. 8 Furniture Stores was down 18.1 percent
No. 9 Financial was up 4.8 percent
No. 10 Schools, Colleges & Camps was up 10.7 percent.

Among local broadcast’s top ten individual advertisers:
No. 1 Honda Motor Co. was up 9 percent
No. 2 Obama for President Committee was up 2,146.2 percent
No. 3 Chrysler-Cerberus was down 29.2 percent
No. 4 AT&T was up 2.8 percent
No. 5 General Mills was up 91.1 percent
No. 6 Toyota Motor Dealers Association was down 14.6 percent
No. 7 Toyota Motor Corp. was down 2.5 percent
No. 8 Comcast was up 87.4 percent
No. 9 Nissan Motor Co. was down 5.3 percent
No. 10 Ford Motor Co. Dealers Association was down 43.9 percent 

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