Zaxcom Now Shipping New Digital Recording Microphone

April 6, 2007
Zaxcom Inc. recently announced that it is shipping a new microphone/digital recorder system.

The Zaxcom ZFR800 provides up to eight hours of recording time on a removable 2 GB memory card. The device can be used with any Shure screw-on mic capsule, providing users with a choice of sound pickup.

"We're very pleased to be shipping our ZFR800 system and to better meet the needs of today's audio professional," said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom president. "The response from our customers so far has been phenomenal, and we're looking forward to introducing this system to new users in the radio, television, and presentation industries, as well."

The new microphone system records without compression and allows users to select desired audio file formats and resolutions. Choices available range from 16- or 24-bit resolution and 32, 44.1, 48, or 48.048 KHz sampling rates. The unit also incorporates an integrated timecode generator.

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