Studer Adds Dolby E Decoding Option to Vista and OnAir 3000 Consoles

September 22, 2006
Studer is now offering a space-saving Dolby E decoding option for use with the company's Vista and OnAir 3000 digital console lines.

The single card option accepts any AES/EBU audio stream containing material encoded with Dolby E or Dolby Digital, and decodes the stream within the input stage, providing up to two sets of eight channels to the audio console.

One of the company's 3 RU card frames can accommodate up to 12 of the decoder cards, and each card can contain up to two decoders, providing up to 24 Dolby E streams within the 3 RU space. The Dolby E standard converts two-channel broadcast environments into multichannel audio facilities and can be decoded, edited and re-encoded multiple times without audible signal degradation.

The Studer Dolby E option decoder includes an automatic switching provision to change inputs if no AES/EBU stream is detected on the primary input.

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