Bexel Buys 60 Canon Lenses for Reality TV

October 15, 2004
Bexel Burbank bought 60 Canon lenses to handle the demand for reality television projects, according to Tom Dickinson, managing director of Bexel.

Renters of Bexel video gear use Canon lenses to capture everything from Olympic athletes to the contestants on "The Apprentice" getting fired.

Dickinson said that reality show producers use the J11ex4.5B wide-angle lens a lot and the J22ex7.6B when shooting exteriors on the street.

During the Summer Olympics, Bexel provided gear to the host broadcaster and several countries.

"A large amount of lenses were needed not only for the PAL ENG cameras, we delivered to Athens, but also for the many robotic cameras that were there," Dickinson said.

The Canon purchase included 30 combined WRSD and WASD versions of the J22ex7.6B and J11ex4.5B wide-angle lenses and an IS-20B image-stabilizing adapter.

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