Texas' Travis County Media Services Optimizes Automation Workflow With NVerzion NControl Lite

NVerzion, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced that Travis County Media Services, the public access channel for the fifth largest county by population in Texas, has selected NVerzion's NControl Lite end-to-end automation solution to control its file-based broadcast and recording operations more efficiently and reliably.

"Prior to using NVerzion NControl Lite, our automation system was limited in the amount of equipment it could control, making it impossible to manage the entire broadcast workflow," said Al Jackson, media operations manager, Travis County Media Services, TCTV-17. "NVerzion automation is extremely versatile, allowing us to communicate reliably with every component in the broadcast workflow. As a result, we have dramatically increased operational and cost efficiencies while maintaining a consistent on-air broadcast."

Travis County Media Services operates TCTV-17, a county government access channel that delivers live telecasts of Commissioners Court meetings and a variety of original programs to the Central Texas community, including the state capital of Austin. During a recent migration to a larger facility, the broadcaster deployed NVerzion NControl Lite automation for its primary playback, recording, scheduling, and logging operations in order to increase operational efficiencies.

The high-performance NControl Lite software and hardware package includes: NGest professional dubbing and recording software application, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, NControl router/cuts-only transmission playlists, NBase SQL media database manager, NView database viewer, NConvert that produces a specialized electronic as-run log format, and EMC Ethernet Machine Control.

Designed and pre-installed by local system integrator ZVS Media, NControl Lite runs on completely off-the-shelf hardware, enabling easy integration with third-party equipment -- including routing, on-air graphics, and master control switchers. The highly scalable and customizable automation solution seamlessly ingests content and automatically schedules video playback of meetings taking place in an onsite Commissioners courtroom, in addition to other community events. Operators have simultaneous access to content from a highly intuitive graphical user interface that can be modified on the fly to meet Travis County Media's specific broadcast needs.

"NVerzion automation enables a more streamlined, file-based, end-to-end workflow that is both cost-effective and time-saving," said Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing, NVerzion. "By reliably managing Travis County Media Services' entire broadcast operation -- from acquisition to preparation, monitoring, and playout -- NVerzion automation dramatically speeds up operations while ensuring a high-quality on-air broadcast."

More information on NVerzion and its products is available at www.nverzion.com.

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About ZVS Media (www.zvs-media.com)

ZVS Media is a Central Texas reseller of premier HDTV equipment to all sectors of the digital video market. This, combined with over 25 years experience in system installation and equipment repair services, allows it to provide all customers with a solution to any requirement. ZVS Media prides itself on offering "best in class" product to clients at all levels, with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Built on years of customer loyalty and relationships, it strives to serve those in the broadcast, post production, PEG (cable), educational, film, and independent videographer market segments.

About Travis County Television (www.co.travis.tx.us/media_services/default.asp)

Travis County Television is a county government access channel. Its primary mission is bringing Travis County Commissioners Court meetings to the public. These include live telecasts of regularly scheduled Commissioners Court voting sessions, work sessions, public hearings, and budget hearings. In addition, Travis County offers a variety of original programs produced by TCTV staff informing the public about Travis County's public affairs, community enrichment, public safety, and county services.

About NVerzion (www.nverzion.com)

NVerzion is a leading provider of digital broadcast automation tools that streamline an operator's entire workflow from acquisition to distribution and playout of content, reducing OPEX and CAPEX. Based on a Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) concept that supports easy implementation into any existing infrastructure, NVerzion automation solutions offer users scalability, reliability, redundancy, and guaranteed interoperability with third-party systems. All NVerzion systems are backed with worldwide training, service, and support.