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Automated content packaging by Pixel Power for BroadcastAsia 2015

Pixel Power will be bringing automated content packaging to the Asian marketplace at this year’s BroadcastAsia. Enabling the delivery of better branded content, better graphics quality and better cost efficiency, Pixel Power specialises in providing solutions that strengthen brand identities, driving audience and revenue growth.

Pixel Factory is the automated content packaging system from Pixel Power which is perfect for both linear and multiscreen delivery, extending brand visibility across traditional, OTT and VOD platforms. A typical application for Pixel Factory would be to create multiple versions of trailers and promos, based on a standard template. This could include promos for coming programmes, animated and dynamic menu rundowns as well as complex programme junctions. Pixel Factory can create all of these automatically from a simple set of work order instructions including media assets and priorities. This automation eliminates repetitive tasks, so that creative staff can focus on being creative with 24/7 operation increasing output while reducing post production costs.

For thematic channels Pixel Factory can package every part of the output: programmes, commercial breaks, promos, and audience retention tricks like squeeze-backs and voiceovers. That means the entire channel can be played or distributed from simple video servers, channel-in-a-box systems or IP streaming solutions without the need for a dedicated graphics device in the playout chain.

Also being demonstrated at BroadcastAsia is Buzz, a software application for Pixel Power’s range of graphics-based playout devices which makes it simple to search, moderate and broadcast social media interactions.

Before tweets and other audience comments can be broadcast they have to be selected to ensure only the most informative and appropriate make it to the screen. Many systems currently available to do this tend to be complex standalone devices which are cumbersome and costly to implement. Buzz transforms this by using a software plug-in approach and a user interface so simple that no training is required. Multiple social media topics are consolidated and because Buzz is integrated within a Pixel Power graphics device users can accept, format and publish messages with a single click.

Pixel Power can be found at BroadcastAsia 2015 on stand 5B1-05. More information on these and other Pixel Power products can be found online at