Prime Focus Technologies Helps Businesses Get Ready for DIGITAL NEXT Realities at the 2015 NAB Show

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus, the world’s largest media services powerhouse, is expanding its cloud-based Media ERP solutions, with multiple offerings being announced at the 2015 NAB Show. These offerings will focus on ‘Digital Next’ realities and help address the challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry to meet the demands of the digital consumer, with a focus on building a connected enterprise and digital ecosystem, over-the-top (OTT) solutions, digital servicing, distribution and 4K.

CLEARTM Media ERP Suite: Enterprise software for virtualizing the content supply chain
Building a connected enterprise and digital ecosystem is key to managing the business of content. Be it revenue growth or expansion in margins, media asset management (MAM) systems cannot function in isolation anymore. Broadcast and production houses/studios need enterprise-wide software to manage content-led business activities across departments globally and deal with big data challenges. Similar to other sectors, media and entertainment companies need one software, a Media ERP Suite, that is rich in applications where they enjoy workflow orchestration across enterprise, supply chain and partner ecosystems.

CLEAR Operations Cloud: Industry’s first ever end-to-end content operations on cloud for multi-platform distribution
Content enterprises today have to embrace the cloud to deliver the necessary volume for servicing their content demand from the growing number of digital outlets globally, such as Netflix, Hulu and other OTT platforms. They need to do that with lowest total cost of delivery and make it discoverable for the consumers quickly. PFT’s CLEAR Operations Cloud helps do just that – not just store and transcode, but perform end-to-end content operations on the cloud. What’s unique about the product is that its infrastructure is powered by transcoders like Elemental, Rhozet, AmberFin, Digital Rapids and many more - offering content enterprises the ability to choose the one that suits them and use PFT’s custom workflow orchestration to package and deliver.

PFT’s CLEAR Operations Cloud also provides 4K support, including a 4K up-conversion module, by leveraging the Academy® Award winning Lowry image processing libraries. This is supported by GPU Cloud Computing infrastructure.

OTT: Data-led interactivity and immersive consumer experience
With a myriad of content available for consumption, content enterprises are struggling to capture the attention of fickle digital consumers. The main challenge is, how can content creators get consumers to discover their content? PFT has developed an equation, Content + Tags = Asset. With detailed, multi-layer smart metadata, PFT allows content enterprises to tap into the DEE (Discovery, Engagement & Experience) moment – enabling monetization like never before. PFT, along with its partners, integrates such data with content to offer an immersive OTT experience.

Distribution: Connecting business and operations like never before
Distribution has become increasingly complex in the hyper digital world. More outlets, A-VoD, S-VoD and T-VoD across the globe, have acutely driven the need for businesses to be more connected with content operations. PFT’s CLEAR Distribution Cloud offers an integrated solution by connecting the rights and sales order systems, helping to process and service orders while offering governance around rights regime.

“The consumer behavior change is increasing faster than ever before, making the entire content value chain and its players transform themselves digitally,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies. “Volume, discovery, platforms, devices, 4K, direct to consumer, engagement, speed, new monetization and everything digital is a new normal. Media and entertainment enterprises cannot live in the analog or choose to selectively be digital in this new era. There is a need to become hyper digital to face Digital Next realities.”

In virtualizing these processes, PFT has helped content enterprises cut 30% of operational costs and gain 40% more efficiencies. CLEAR also provides business agility and helps contribute to net new revenue by allowing content creators to focus their efforts toward making better content, rather than the business behind managing it.

PFT’s clientele includes Disney, 21st Century Fox-owned STAR TV, Warner Bros. Television Studios, CBS Television Studios, 20th Century Fox Television Studios, Relativity Media, Legendary Pictures, Starz Media, Lionsgate, A&E TV Network, Crown Media Family Networks, FX Networks and more.
PFT will showcase its revolutionary Cloud technology, CLEAR, to deal with Digital Next realities at the 2015 NAB Show, booth SL 9605.

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