TSL Products Showcases Latest Range of Solutions at NAB 2015


NAB 2015 will mark the North American launch of the IDS product range. At IBC 2014, TSL Products announced a strategic partnership with IPE Products, the developers of IDS products, with the joint aim of advancing developments in control and display technology that better coordinate and organize workflow display tools for broadcasters, production companies and other organizations that need to communicate better with staff and customers. Visitors to the TSL Products booth at NAB 2015 will be able to see how the IDS system brings together dynamic display functions such as clocks, tally lamps, scrolling text, display of RSS and video feeds with critical broadcast functions including production timers, timecode interfaces, automation system interfaces, and DMX lighting control. IDS display systems can integrate into any existing or new control systems, including TSL Products’ flagship TallyMan control system.


TSL Products will also present the most significant addition to its TallyMan control system range since its inception: the new TM1 MK2 model. The new TM1 MK2 eliminates the typical bottlenecks that broadcasters face as the demand for monitoring and control capabilities increases, and the amount of controllable systems and the volume of available data continues to grow.

With a simple browser/front panel configuration, TM1 MK2 provides dual gigabit Ethernet connectivity to ensure that crucial communication is seamlessly transported, while its superior processing power guarantees real time data and control across a facility.

A particular arena where flexible control is paramount is outside broadcasting, where power, grounding, space and weight provide significant challenges. The TM1 MK2 addresses these needs with dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies and by providing all GPO in the form of isolated relays, while occupying only 1U of rack space with an approximate weight of just 2.5kg.

PAM Series

The flagship Precision Audio Monitor (PAM) series from TSL Products is one of the industry’s leading confidence monitoring systems. Equally adept in stereo, multichannel, multi-language or surround sound environments, both PAM1 and PAM2 MK2 provide users with a sophisticated yet intuitive solution to the challenges presented by modern broadcast sound workflows.

The PAM series enables accurate monitoring of a multitude of incoming audio signals for breaking news or live sports presentations, and is suitable for a broad range of operational users in television production, ranging from technical to creative engineering throughout the broadcast chain, from ingest to transmission. Its built-in loudness histogram provides a visual representation of loudness against time, so users can be absolutely confident that outgoing signals are compliant.

PiCo Family

TSL Products will also demonstrate the newest features of its PAM PiCo range of audio and Loudness meters including a 3G video preview, improved GUI and SMPTE linear timecode recognition. PAM PiCo puts high quality audio and loudness metering within easy reach of anyone involved in sound production, from TV broadcast operators, to music studio technicians, to record producers. Available in three formats, the PAM PiCo is able to display stereo, multichannel or surround sound audio from analogue, AES or embedded SDI (PAM PiCo Five only) signal sources. Each model can measure Loudness to all known international standards and recommendations and the PAM PiCo Loudness Logging Application is supplied as a free download to all PAM PiCo users.


The latest version of Touchmix audio monitoring unit now features a new XY code release that provides sophisticated new mixing and control capabilities making it a ‘Swiss Army knife’ for audio engineers and mixers. The free downloadable software update includes a 48 input, 24 output XY audio router from SDI, AES and analogue signal sources that gives the user complete control over source to destination configuration. It also features a rack mountable surround sound mixer with simultaneous stereo mixing, enabling the user to mix and monitor stereo and 5.1 signals in their native forms.


The SAM1 MADI provides multiple source monitoring of up to 20 channels of audio from MADI, embedded HD-SDI, AES and analogue sources on a user-configurable screen. It is ideal for Sound Engineers to check the integrity of their MADI signals, broadcast studio engineers who use MADI to transport multiple channels of audio around their facility, and production operators involved in program making within studios or on OB trucks where MADI technology is implemented.


Visitors to the TSL Products booth will be able to see the latest models in the acclaimed Soundfield DSF Digital Broadcast surround sound microphone range. The latest microphones in the Soundfield range feature self-testing, alarming and correction capabilities that allow accurate monitoring of the system when capturing audio at live broadcast events.


TSL Products designs, manufactures and markets a range of hardware and software solutions that serve to simplify operations within the television broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and IT industries.

Specializing in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, broadcast control systems and power management tools, TSL Products’ solutions satisfy and exceed the commercial, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional workflows, helping its customers to lower costs, generate revenue and streamline operations.

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