Dejero IBC2014 Product Preview

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Dejero at IBC2014

At IBC2014, Dejero will demonstrate why the company is recognized as the most innovative provider of mobile transmission and cloud-based content management solutions for electronic newsgathering (ENG) -- with new solutions making their debuts at IBC. The Dejero LIVE+ Platform offers powerful capabilities for improving broadcasters' ability to deliver primary and supplemental live video feeds from the field, at a reduced cost and with greater efficiency and ease of use.

NEW: Dejero LIVE+ Core Software 3.0

At IBC2014 Dejero will demonstrate version 3.0 of their Dejero LIVE+ Core Software that powers the company's industry-leading mobile transmission solutions. New features include enhanced modem connection information showing carrier transmission mode and signal strength; a wider range of options for configuring and managing how live video feeds are sent to LIVE+ servers; monitoring of available bandwidth with automatic adjustment to the optimal transport resolution to provide the best possible video quality for the current network conditions while keeping output resolution constant; and tools for users in the field to import edited video clips via Ethernet or Wi-Fi into the transmitter for transfer to a server. LIVE+ Core Software 3.0 also includes enhancements to the Dejero LIVE+ Portal cloud-based transmission management tool to enable configuration of different distribution routes for videos and files.

NEW: Dejero LIVE+ Booster

Appearing for the first time at IBC2014, the Dejero LIVE+ Booster is the newest member of Dejero's LIVE+ family of news vehicle solutions. A powerful connection and signal booster for bonded uplink transmissions, the LIVE+ Booster employs an array of up to 12 high-gain antennas mounted on the top of the vehicle. This enables mobile news crews to extend their connection reception during difficult transmission scenarios, such as transmitting from crowded areas where cellular networks are overloaded or in low-coverage areas.

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Photo Caption: Dejero LIVE+ Booster Signal for News Vehicles

NEW: LIVE+ NewsBook Software for Mac

For the first time in Europe, Dejero will demonstrate the new Mac version of the company's LIVE+ NewsBook software. Dejero's LIVE+ NewsBook software enables Mac and PC users to transmit live HD video feeds or recorded and edited files, making it ideal for foreign correspondents or solo videojournalists that need to travel and transmit with as little gear as possible. Like the other members of the LIVE+ Platform, the NewsBook software bonds multiple cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connections to enable the transmission of high-quality, high-reliability, and low-latency video.

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Image Caption: Dejero LIVE+ NewsBook Software for Mac

NEW: Dejero LIVE+ Carrier

At IBC2014 Dejero will showcase the LIVE+ Carrier, a rugged and modular carrier system designed to increase a news crew's mobility and comfort, making it easy to secure and carry a portable LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter to the scene of breaking news. The system features an ergonomically correct harness that adjusts to a person's torso length, comfortable shoulder straps, and a hip belt with ventilated lumbar and lateral support padding. Other features include quick release buckles and webbing straps to attach accessory bags, as well as a battery-mount module for hot-swappable batteries in either Anton/Bauer or V-mount configurations. With its versatile mounting system, the LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter can be easily removed from the harness and securely snapped into a news vehicle, onto the wall at the broadcast facility for organized storage, or onto a motorcycle.

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Image Caption: Dejero LIVE+ Carrier

Dejero Quote:

"At Dejero, we are continually evolving and expanding our product family to make our wireless newsgathering technology as reliable, easy to use, and versatile as possible for field news crews, while simplifying the monitoring and management of devices and content back at the broadcast facility. This approach will be on full display at IBC2014, where we'll unveil several new innovations to the European market. A great example is the Dejero LIVE+ Booster, which helps mobile news crews get their live shots even when in difficult transmission scenarios like congested cellular networks or poor cellular reception areas. Paired with a Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 transmitter, the LIVE+ Booster can be powered up and ready to transmit low-latency, broadcast-quality video in seconds -- allowing news crew to be immediately mobile, broadcasting live while on the move."

-- Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero

Company Overview:

From video capture and transmission to management and distribution, Dejero solutions help broadcasters, media companies, and organizations of all sizes reach their global multiscreen audiences instantly and cost-effectively. Dejero's LIVE+ Platform simplifies the acquisition and broadcast of live video on-air and online through a broad range of traditional and emerging uplink solutions. The platform, including portable transmitters and software for laptops and smartphones, intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections (3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, microwave, and satellite) to deliver optimal picture quality. In addition, customers are able to centrally monitor and manage Dejero devices and live feeds in the cloud for streamlined content delivery and enhanced operational efficiency. Dejero is privately held and based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit