Let's Go Surfin' Now

Let’s Go Surfin’ Now

Everybody’s learnin’ how Cobham’s Nano HD TX is making waves

Broadcast Asia 2014, Stand:5E3-06: Cobham Broadcast, the RF specialist company, has announced the sale of its Nano HD TX wireless transmitter to Pacific Broadcast, a market leader in the coverage of action sports, specialising in world-class surfing and other water sports.

Pacific Broadcast, based in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in providing innovative OB and live production broadcast technologies for coverage of surfing, motocross, superbikes and cycling across Australia, North America and other major broadcast markets worldwide.

The company opted for Cobham Broadcast’s Nano HD TX transmitter, the world’s smallest HD COFDM transmitter, as it is particularly suited to such applications due to its light weight, signal stability, range and proven durability.

Pacific Broadcast’s Managing Director Matt Percy said, “Adding the Nano HD TX to our portfolio of leading technologies enables us to capture live action sport from innovative shot angles and points of view that have been previously unattainable. This opens up a whole new range of creative options for compelling storytelling.”

The ultra-miniature Nano HDTX is designed specifically for POV and body-worn applications. With proven Cobham COFDM and H.264 encoding technology, the transmitter provides excellent image quality retention over the wireless link and supports composite, SDI,HD-SDI and HDMI video input formats.

Cobham Broadcast Sales Manager (APAC) Sue Gilks said, “The Nano HD TX enables a cameraman to go further, faster - and maintain a stronger signal - than any small transmitter on the market. It is purpose-built for live production, especially sports. It has already proven itself particularly adept at water sports coverage and will be used by Pacific Broadcastduring major water sport competitions throughout the worldin the coming year.”