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Pixel Power Re-Invents Promo Versioning Workflow and Drives Down Costs for File-Based Channel Operations

NAB 2014, Las Vegas, Booth: N2034, 2014 — Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast playout solutions with integrated graphics, today announced the arrival of the $1 promo version enabled by its game changing Pixel OnDemand and Pixel Factory graphics production solutions. Pixel OnDemand is a first-of-its-kind, software-only graphics solution that enables a media company to break free from traditional CAPEX infrastructure and its cycles of depreciation. Pixel Factory is a low-cost, server-based implementation of Pixel Power’s world-class graphics engine intended to support today’s file-based operations with industry standard file output.

“Since Pixel Factory and Pixel OnDemand first emerged last year, they have caused broadcast facilities around the world to re-think how they invest in graphics capability,” said Pixel Power CEO James Gilbert. “Pixel Factory has made massive graphics horsepower affordable and flexible to deploy in modern file based workflows. With Pixel OnDemand, media companies have the flexibility to pay for the rendering time they actually need rather than spend capital for under-utilized capacity. What that means is Pixel Power can confidently demonstrate how a busy channel that needs to create dozens or even hundreds of promo versions per day can drive the cost per 30-second promo version down as low as $1 per promo assuming a conservative mere 20% utilization—a stunning differential from manual editing costs today.”

Pixel Factory and Pixel OnDemand do not remove the need for the traditional creative workflow elements, what it does is make the versioning process ultra-efficient. This workflow means that creative time is better spent on the design quality, with more specialized, seasonal and targeted propositions produced. The use of additional promo versions ensures powerful and engaging content that captures audience attention enhancing the brand, reducing churn, retaining eyeballs and giving channel standout in a crowded market.

Pixel OnDemand is an easily deployed software package that runs on standard IT servers. It was designed to meet the unique needs of nonlinear, store-and-play content delivery operations such as IPTV channels, video on demand services, mobile content, news operations, and second screen viewing applications. Output is a pixel perfect match to that of Pixel Power hardware products.

Once deployed, operators purchase conveniently sized blocks of rendering time to suit the complexity and quantity of their output. This makes it easy for an operator to share its rendering costs across multiple channels with different requirements.

Pixel Factory is a server-based implementation of Pixel Power’s graphics engine intended to support today’s file-based operations. It is an ideal solution for adding extra graphics capability to support needs such as quality control, web delivery and post production, or to enhance program material and add graphics overlays for playout and streaming applications. Integrated Gallium workflow management provides the scheduling, asset management and workflow automation needed to optimally manage multiple rendering devices.

For more information visit Pixel Power at NAB 2014, April 7-10, in Stand N2034 or online at