TSL Products’ SoundField Surround Solutions Offer Unique 5.1 Capture and Processing for Event Broadcasters, Music Producers and Location Recordists at BVE 2014

London, UK, february 4, 2014TSL Products, manufacturer of surround sound microphones and processing, audio monitoring, tally/studio-control systems and power management solutions for the broadcast industry, will present a variety of its SoundField surround sound microphones, control units and upmix/downmix processors at BVE 2014 (Stand H25), including the DSF-B Digital Broadcast System, the ST450 Portable Microphone System, the DSF-1 Digital Performance Microphone System, along with the UPM-1 Upmix Processor and the X-1 Combined Upmix/Downmix Processor.

“Our line of SoundField products provides users with the ability to easily capture exceptional surround sound recordings from our single point source four-element microphones as well as the ability to upmix existing stereo material with our UPM-1 or X-1,” says SoundField Product Manager Pieter Schillebeeckx.

The DSF-BDigital Broadcast System, consisting of a DSF-2 surround microphone, DSF-2 controller and DSF-3 processor, can generate multi-channel audio from a single point source. The microphone parameters can be controlled remotely using the DSF-2 controller, including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and rotation. This is critical for sound engineers covering live events, be it a football game or an audience-based talent show. Any adjustments can be made in the studio or OB truck without physically changing the microphone position.

The ST450 Portable Microphone System is conveniently battery-powered and is perfect for location use. The rugged, yet lightweight, microphone is fitted with a unique heating element that drives out moisture, and its studio grade condenser capsules offer enhanced sound quality and dynamic range. It also produces simultaneous stereo and B-Format (SoundField’s proprietary surround format) outputs for post production. All inputs and outputs are located on the same side of the control unit for easy access and connectivity when in the field.

The DSF-1 Digital Performance Microphone System is ideal for capturing musical performances in both stereo and high-quality surround sound. Aimed at performance recording applications on stage or in the studio, this sophisticated microphone is able to remotely change its pickup pattern and record all instruments simultaneously. The control unit allows the user to rotate, end fire or invert the microphone without physical handling. Parameters can be tweaked after recording with the SurroundZone2 plug-in. 

The UPM-1 Upmix Processor has a unique algorithm to perform detailed real-time analysis of stereo source material, identifying and separating the ambience from the direct sound.With only five physical rotary controls to manage all upmix parameters, the UPM-1's simplicity has proved to be a must for any OB application or broadcast studio working in 5.1 surround.

The new X-1 Combined Upmix/Downmix Processor accurately handles ingest of surround material into a stereo workflow, while providing a phase-coherent reconstruction of the original surround signal for HD broadcast.

About TSL Products

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