Speed Your Color Grading With Moviola

Color grading can be tricky, learn the best SpeedGrade techniques with a free webinar from Moviola.

You may be new to color correction, or you may be a seasoned vet, but it’s safe to say there are always new tools and upgrades that can help you with your color correction. One of the latest and most impressive tools is Adobe’s SpeedGrade, a professional toolset that can handle the most complicated of color grades. That’s why Moviola has announced a free live webinar airing on May 28th at 11:30 AM PDT that covers this tool. Viewers of this webinar will learn all the basics of color correcting in SpeedGrade; including how to get media into the application, making primary and secondary color grades, and sending looks into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Presenter Robbie Carman is a colorist, entrepreneur and author. Robbie is the co-owner of Amigo Media a color grading finishing boutique located in the Washington, DC area that focuses on broadcast programing and independent films. With 15 years of experience color grading Robbie has worked with a large and diverse client base.

To register for this webinar, visithttp://moviola.com/presenters/robbie-carman/

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