Software Release 4.7 with New Features for AURUS platinum and AURUS



Berlin, Germany - November 2018… AURUS platinum, the flagship console from Berlin-based manufacturer Stage Tec, continues to offer new features in the fourth product generation. At Interbee in Tokyo, parallel compression (New York compression) was introduced for the first time as a brand new feature. Previously, AURUS platinum offered two types of compression, but now parallel compression has been added as a further operating mode for the existing compressor. It is used mainly for recording and post production. Parallel compression will be delivered with software release 4.7 and will then also be available in CRESCENDO platinum.

The new multichannel format 5.1.4 with Z-plane, which had its world premiere at IBC, will also be demonstrated in AURUS platinum in Tokyo. 3D audio is becoming increasingly important in the professional audio arena. In music and TV productions, in the cinema, at live events and in the theatre, the three-dimensional soundscapes that 3D audio creates evoke a more emotional response for consumers. For many years, AURUS has offered true multichannel format capability for parallel mixes in 5.1 and stereo or mixes up to 7.1. As of software release 4.7, 3D audio can be mixed with four overhead speakers in AURUS platinum. With this expansion, Stage Tec is setting new standards in AURUS platinum since there are only a few consoles in the world that can mix 3D.

A further feature of the software update is temporary link groups, which enables channels to be linked faster on the control surface. This function is available for both AURUS and AURUS platinum. Software release 4.7 will be delivered at the end of the year.

About Stage Tec

Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik GmbH (Research and Development Company for professional audio technology), based in Berlin, Germany, specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative audio equipment. Stage Tec has an international reputation as one of the leading pioneers in the transition from analog to digital audio technology. NEXUS® won the Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award in 2010 as “the finest, most versatile audio routing system available today”. Key products include the AURUS® direct access console (2002), the compact AURATUS® (2006) and CRESCENDO (2009) consoles for broadcast and theatre, and the ON AIR flex broadcast mixer (2014). The AVATUS IP-based console will be launched in 2019 and picks up on the trend towards IP networking in the audio industry.