Eastern Kentucky purchases GB Labs FastNAS F-16 Nitro

Aldermaston, UK, 19 November 2019 - GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent storage solutions for media and entertainment workflows, today announced that the Office of Communications and Brand Management at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY, has purchased GB Labs’ FastNAS F-16 Nitro media storage system.

The office provides a wide range of services for the university, including communication strategies for projects that track with the university’s strategic direction and institutional priorities. Among those services are brand identity; public relations; web services; video production; social media; advertising; graphic design; news and promotions.

Eastern Kentucky University Production Manager/Producer Leonard Nave said, “Each member of our video production team serves in a variety of roles to provide services that support all of those areas, and that means everyone, to varying degrees, writes, shoots, and edits. If we’re not leading a team on one video production project, we’re serving as crew on another.”

Prior to its assessment of GB Labs’ FastNAS F-16 Nitro, each member of the video production team used multiple hard drives, daisy-chained to their respective desktops, all linked to a NAS designated for backup/long-term storage. As the previous NAS was so painfully slow, users could often be seen running up and down hallways with hard drives under their arms to share footage.

Nave said, “Our ‘sneaker-net’ file sharing system was not only inefficient, it often led to the creation of multiple copies of the same videos; and a library that was never fully or accurately catalogued.

“We urgently needed a video storage solution that would house all video assets in one place, enabling our entire team to simultaneously use that repository as both source and destination for all video editing needs. We also wanted local redundancy and support for off-site backup, plus extended hardware and software support. We found all of that, and more, in GB Labs FastNAS and its Nitro boost technology.”

Nitro is GB Labs’ intelligent hybrid disk technology that delivers performance close to that of pure SSD, but at considerably less cost.

A particular point of interest to the university was the new CORE.4 operating system at the heart of FastNAS. CORE.4 is a high-performance, custom OS specifically designed to serve media files with an additional intelligence layer that delivers stability and quality of service for every user. CORE.4 includes power-saving intelligence that uses the least number of disks whilst ensuring consistent, reliable performance. Its range of features and elegant user interface are also engineered to further ease the management of online workflows.

One of the major benefits, and a key selling point for Eastern Kentucky University related to CORE.4, is its compatibility with GB Labs’ award-winning “Mosaic” automatic asset organiser.

Mosaic integrates with AI tagging systems to automatically scour all inbuilt metadata to not only provide highly logical and swift asset organisation, but the intuitive ability to very quickly find and retrieve those assets. As an additional benefit, when applied to the management of student directories, it greatly simplified those processes as well.

Nave concluded, “The combination of GB Labs’ performance guarantee, FastNAS, and CORE.4 with Mosaic made the decision to go with GB Labs a ‘no brainer’. We can now concentrate on doing the work assigned to us instead of constantly worrying about the state of our video assets. It’s one of the best and most economic storage archive media systems from a single manufacturer.”


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