Sonoris Improves Convenience and Efficiency With DDP Player iOS App

DAMWALD, The Netherlands — Jan. 31, 2018 — Sonoris, a global provider of high-end audio products for recording and mastering, today announced that its DDP Player iOS app is now available with the desktop version of its DDP Creator and DDP Player software. Previously available only for the OEM version of its software, Sonoris' DDP Player iOS app is the only such app available in the App Store® that plays DDP files on the latest iOS devices.

"Before you deliver a DDP master to the manufacturer, you want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to hear and approve the file in its entirety. Often, listening on an iPhone or other Apple device is the preferred method, especially for clients who are on the go or who want to listen in multiple environments at their leisure," said Pieter Stenekes, founder, Sonoris. "Now, unlike with other mastering software, you and your clients have the option of listening to the tracks and reviewing the content through an iOS app on all the newest iOS gear — making the approval process faster and more efficient for everyone."

The industry-standard DDP protocol is supported by all major CD- and vinyl-pressing plants and ensures error-free transfer and manufacture of masters. The Sonoris DDP Player iOS app reads DDP images created using DDP Creator and DDP Player software, enabling mastering technicians, artists, studio owners, producers, and others to listen to the DDP master on an Apple device. Users can load DDPs directly from a Dropbox account, a download link in the clipboard memory, or through the app itself. Once downloaded, the DDP file can be opened and users can see CD text, ISRC codes, track numbering, and spacing just as the mastering engineer intended.

The DDP Player iOS app is available through the App Store. Anyone who owns a DDP Player and/or DDP Creator license for Windows® and Mac® can unlock the iOS version with the serial number. Mastering studios may provide their customers with a key to use the app. The latest version also supports the latest Dropbox API and reads encrypted DDPs.

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Sonoris develops high-end audio products for the recording and mastering professional. The company's multiplatform software ranges from a complete line of audio plug-ins to stand-alone DDP solutions. The software developed by Sonoris is used in mastering studios around the world.

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Photo Caption: The DDP Player iOS app from Sonoris is now available with the desktop version of the DDP Creator and DDP Player software.

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