Point Source Audio Announces Issuance of Patent for Audio Headset

Petaluma, CA — April 28, 2016 —Point Source Audio® (PSA), an audio equipment manufacturer specializing in the development of miniature microphones and headsets announced today that the US Patent Office has approved its patent submission that covers its modular headset design method of integrating in-earphones into a structure. This innovative design creates a lightweight and modular audio headset that has been said to enhance hearing, and transform communications work flow for some users.

The granted patent is U.S. Patent No. 9,271,065. This protects PSA's audio headset structure where the earphones can be readily separable, removable, and replaceable via wired guided grooves designed into the headset.

“The patent makes claims in connection with our design method for modularity to allow swappable in-earphones to create a custom headset,” said James Lamb, PSA President. “The patent affirms our ardent approach to focus not only on sonic accuracy but develop technology that lifts the user experience as a whole,” he added. The swappable earphones provide a customizable experience for the user to satisfy their preference for fit and audio quality; they also greatly improve the product's serviceability and life.

The company reports that their CM-i3 and CM-iX version headsets are seeing a steady rise in adoption throughout every professional application in live event production including broadcast, audio, lighting and staging.

“Techs who have been using the intercom headset for an extended period of time tell me they will never go back to the old style standard issue headset…and they are avidly sharing their experience with colleagues because it has been so transformational in some cases,” said Yvonne Ho, PSA’s VP of Sales and Marketing. Ho, who previously worked in the hearing health industry underscored the immense challenges for stage managers, camera operators and lighting directors who can be exposed to loud background noise for many hours at a time, and struggle to hear and to communicate with ease and clarity across the production team. She added, “Compared to single ear muffs, the modular in-ear design actually lets them hear more at a lower volume.”

The company recently added a variety of headset adapters to take out the guess work for techs who want to own their own headset but never know what intercom system is waiting for them at the next venue. The CM-i3 and CM-iX headsets are sold standard with a single termination but the adapters let users switch between a variety of popular intercom systems such as Clear-Com, Telex, RTS, Reidel, and even intercom apps available on the iPhone and iPad. For camera operators, a 5-pin male XLR stereo Camera package comes standard with an additional extender cable.

The patented CM-i3/CM-iX intercom headsets are designed for concert venues, front of house operations, lighting directors, stage managers, multimedia production, as well as camera operators. The in-ear headset weighs a mere 2oz., and offers 12dB off-axis noise rejection, replaceable earphones, and kink-free cable design.

The complete line of intercom headsets will be available for attendees to try on at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas, NV June 8-10 at Point Source Audio booth C10820. More information about Point Source Audio's various audio solutions can be found by visiting www.point-sourceaudio.com.

About Point Source Audio
Point Source Audio (@PSA_audio) manufactures and distributes worldwide a unique line of live event technology including their patent protected comm headset; and their SERIES8 miniature microphones, known for their robust bendable boom and waterproof features, and a winner of the 2014 Best Microphone award. As the Digigram Distributor for the Americas, the world renowned brand of Digigram sound cards, and IP audio and IP video networking technology are also available from Point Source Audio. Founded in 2004, Point Source Audio is headquartered in Petaluma, Calif. For more information call (415) 226-1122 or visit www.point-sourceaudio.com. Follow the company on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PSA_audio