‘No One Company Should Do It All’, Telestream CEO Points to Long-term Advantages of Collaboration and Open Partnerships

Telestream arrives at NAB with more than 50 third party collaborations in place, aimed at developing multi-vendor solutions in new multi-platform broadcast world

“Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. For the sake of our customers’ long-term prosperity and the ability of our industry to adapt to a rapidly evolving multi-platform world all companies in the broadcast technology space need to engage with each other and co-develop new solutions to traditional business challenges,” so says Dan Castles, President & CEO of video transcoding and workflow automation specialist, Telestream.

Castles was speaking in the days before the opening of NAB 2016 where Telestream (booth SL 4525) will announce on-going commercial partnerships with more than 50 companies worldwide. These partnerships include some of the broadcast industry’s leading technology brands, such as Avid, where Telestream Vantage has become the preferred ingest route into Avid newsroom computer systems; and Ross Video, which streamlines content ingest into its PAM platform with Vantage.

Also, Telestream is partnering with smaller and more specialized companies. Examples of these can be found in Telestream’s Dynamic Ad Insertion operations where the company partners with Canoe Ventures and BlackArrow. Canoe Ventures is an advertising technology company dedicated to providing software and services to national television programming networks.BlackArrow is a global provider of TV advertising and data solutions, which enables pay TV providers and their broadcast partners to monetize content delivered to any screen and at any time. Telestream’s VOD Producer DAI platform provides a compelling way for content providers to properly prepare their content for VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion. 

“Telestream is 18 years old and throughout that period we have always been willing collaborators with like-minded organizations – openness and an ability to co-operate runs through our DNA and underpins our long-term success,” stated Dan Castles. “At Telestream, we have assembled some of the most creative minds in our industry. This team is constantly looking for the best solutions to our customers’ business challenges. This is not confined to our own R&D labs but to all the best and most versatile technologies that are on the market today.”

Customers have always been keen to have a single point of contact when problems arise. From a business perspective it also makes sense for companies to deliver “end-to-end” solutions. Responding to this market need, Telestream partners with many system integrators worldwide, who have become a mainstay in deploying solutions that require elements from multiple partners from within the same ecosystem.

Telestream comes to NAB having achieved its 17th continuous year of company profits. The company reports growth in every geographic region and, importantly, it reports another year of double digit growth in sales of its flagship Vantage media processing platform. Castles believes that the strength of Telestream’s broadcast industry partnerships is a salient factor in the company’s long-term commercial success at a time when many other technology vendors are struggling to achieve any kind of profitability.

“Over many years we have seen some companies follow aggressive acquisition strategies, which often have not succeeded in the longer term,” states Castles. “You don’t have to own a company in order to work closely with it. Very often acquisition does not benefit customers, nor staff or investors. Our strong preference is for companies to collaborate. So long as both companies invest in the partnership it can have a significant beneficial effect for all parties involved – and especially for the customers.”

“The great news at NAB 2016 is that Telestream’s commitment to third-party collaboration remains rock solid, plus our partner ecosystem is continuously expanding,” concludes Dan Castles.