'Protecting Your Remote Broadcast Production from Security Threats' Webcast

Protecting Your Remote Broadcast Production from Security Threats
(Image credit: Future)

Why has the transition to working from home been so difficult? A typical broadcaster’s network infrastructure was never designed to serve so many remote connections and functions, plus cybersecurity safeguards are inferior for home-based workers.

During this On-Demand webinar, Teradici Technical Marketing Principal Ian Main will share how:

  • Teradici PCoIP (and other Teradici products) can provide broadcasters and their home-based workers with a secure, efficient, and scalable virtual work environment
  • How ILM and other users are using PCoIP today, and how easily broadcasters can implement PCoIP in their own IT infrastructures.


James Careless, contributing editor, TV Technology

Ian Main, technical marketing principal, Teradici

Listen on-demand here.