New TV Technology ebook explores growing market for ENG over IP

Broadcasters’ use of bonded cellular in ENG has progressed so quickly that we tend to forget that it is only about a decade old.

NBC used bonded cellular transmission technology as early as 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. It wasn’t long afterwards that the floodgates opened with new company launches and rapid development. Fast forward to today, and advances in codecs and cellular networks have made the technology much more ubiquitous among broadcasters and related media companies. While the appearance of these “backpack” systems at breaking news events or sporting events would raise eyebrows a decade ago, now they’re seen as the an important component in the future of ENG. 

In our latest ebook, we take a look at the current state of using bonded cellular for ENG (what we term “IP-ENG”), as well provide a primer on developing an IP-based facility. We also examine the market for ENG vehicles, which despite the growing popularity of bonded cellular, still provide an important role in a TV station’s news arsenal.

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