End-to-End Media: Centered on the User and Wrapped in Experience

Lisa Aussieker, MediaKind’s VP of Marketing and Communications, explains the speed, portability, flexibility and cost-savings of their four new application-based solutions released at IBC 2019. They include Cygnus 360° Events for providing high resolution 360° video from live events, and Cygnus Contribution that supports low-latency point-to-point live contribution links via satellite or IP networks. There’s also Cygnus Distribution to distribute live content via satellite and IP networks, and the cloud-based OTT and broadcast headend platform branded as Aquila Streaming.

James Careless is an award-winning journalist who has written for TV Technology since the 1990s. He has covered HDTV from the days of the six competing HDTV formats that led to the 1993 Grand Alliance, and onwards through ATSC 3.0 and OTT. He also writes for Radio World, along with other publications in aerospace, defense, public safety, streaming media, plus the amusement park industry for something different.