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Napa Valley TV Gets Volunteers to Create Great Content via an HD/4K capable switcher

As a public, education, and government (PEG) channel in California, Napa Valley TV is up against top-tier TV networks in the fight for viewers. 1970s-style lousy video just won’t wash! Add the fact that a $20 annual membership fee gives each NAPA Valley TV volunteer the right to uses its production equipment, and the channel needed a video switcher that is as easy to operate and robust as it is professional-grade – in HD/4K, of course. 

Find out how Napa Valley TV built the channel’s HD/4K anchor without going under. Learn how it is:

  • capable of handling multiple cameras and supporting network-level switching 
  • easily operable with the push of a few buttons
  • loaded with virtual sets and LiveMatte keying functions; including keying graphics on the virtual set’s monitors
  • affordable and simple to install – and tough!

Click here to download the full white paper.