Zylight introduces Z50 intelligent LED light

Zylight has unveiled the Z50, the first in a line of LED lighting instruments.

Designed under license from Color Kinetics, the Z50 is able to change from fully calibrated 5600K to 3200K white light with the push of a button. When switched to creative color mode, the Z50 can output any color of the rainbow, including pastels, thus eliminating the need for gels.

Finding the color that lighting professionals need is fast and easy, and presets are provided for storing favorite selections.

Zylight's innovative HD-LED technology packs more than 230 LEDs into a single square inch, producing a soft, wide output with no hotspots. An included adapter allows professionals to mount any existing 3in lighting accessory they may already have, such as a barn door or snoot.

For more information, visit www.zylight.com.

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